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Just Vertical Blog

Explore our library of informational resources on indoor gardening, hydroponics, and anything else we find interesting!

How To Pollinate Plants Indoors

In this guide, we'll explore the art of indoor plant pollination, why it matters, and how you can become the pollinator for your indoor garden.

Gardyn vs. Lettucegrow: A Comparison

Indoor gardening has gained significant popularity, and for a good reason. It's a sustainable way to grow fresh produce at home, even if you have limited space or no garden....

A Growing Trend: Eco-Friendly Living

Society today finds itself with more and more people actively choosing sustainability, and environmental awareness. This has led to many businesses and entrepreneurs to sell creative solutions that combine such...

High Rise Gardens: Grow In Any Space

Outline The Joy of Urban Greenery Fresh Produce at Your Doorstep The Aesthetic and Mental Boost of Green Spaces Reducing Reliance: Independence from Traditional Grocery Shopping FAQ The Wrap Up...

Why We Love Buying From Farmstands

Dive into the magical world of farmstands and discover the unmatched health benefits of farm-fresh produce. Embrace the allure of farmstand shopping and even consider starting your very own indoor...

Risegardens vs. Lettucegrow: A Comparison

Dive into the world of indoor farming as we compare Lettucegrow with Risegardens. Discover the game-changer – Just Vertical, and embark on a sustainable, green journey in the heart of...

The Ultimate Guide To Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries for their various therapeutic and aromatic benefits. Derived from the aromatic compounds found in plants, these concentrated oils are potent and versatile. 

We're Partnering With Seneca College

We're collaborating with Seneca College to revolutionize crop yields in challenging conditions. Through a container farm equipped with our hydroponic technology and a research-focused greenhouse we are combining expertise and...

Food Travel Miles: How Far Will It Go

Curious about your food's journey before it reaches your plate? Discover the impact of "food travel miles" on our environment and learn how to reduce your carbon footprint by growing...

The Case For Getting An Indoor Garden

Discover the benefits of having an indoor garden! Save money, reduce your carbon footprint, boost your mood and productivity, and enjoy a fun activity with the whole family. Learn why...

The Best Leafy Greens To Grow In Your Garden

Discover our favourite leafy greens for our indoor garden - Green and Red Butterhead Lettuce, Lacinato Kale, Wasabi Arugula, and Celebration Swiss Chard. These varieties are easy to grow and...

Growing A Garden In A Tiny Space

No yard? No problem! Grow a lush garden in even the smallest of homes with our guide on growing in tiny spaces. It's time to bring the outdoors inside!

How To Grow A Garden In ANY SPACE

Learn how to grow a garden in a tiny space with our latest blog post! Discover how to choose the right containers, optimize sunlight, use vertical space, and water your...

Biophilic Design: An Introduction

Discover the power of biophilic design! Natural elements in architecture and furniture can boost health, happiness, and productivity. From plants to water features, learn how it can transform your space...

The Future Of Farming

Get ready to revolutionize the way you think about farming! From precision agriculture to vertical farming and AgTech, discover the cutting-edge trends we think are shaping the future of agriculture.

What Is A Vertical Farm?

Traditionally, farming has always meant growing horizontally. However, at JV headquarters, we’ve decided to flip that on it’s head by growing (Just) vertically! 😉 Learn more about vertical farming, and...

Cell-based Protein Podcast Transcript

Cellular agriculture is the science of growing animal proteins in cell cultures rather than livestock. Learn more from Yadira Tejeda Saldana, Jennifer Coté and Ahmed Khan.

Top 5 Plants to Grow Indoors

Looking for the best plants to grow indoors? Look no further! These five plants are easy to care for and perfect for any indoor garden.

What Is Indoor Gardening?

Indoor gardening is a growing movement (pun intended 😎). But it’s not necessarily a new movement. Indoor gardening in places like apartments, condos, and homes existed much before you or I sprouted into the...


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