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What Is A Vertical Farm?

Traditionally, farming has always meant growing horizontally. However, at JV headquarters, we’ve decided to flip that on it’s head by growing (Just) vertically! 😉

Vertical farming is a relatively new practice, but is very beneficial when it comes to sustainability, saving space, and convenience.

So What Is Vertical Farming?

As mentioned in the name, vertical farming is essentially the practice of growing produce and plants vertically. This occurs by having plants stacked on top of each other in a layer like structure while using soilless farming techniques like hydroponics, aeroponics, or aquaponics.

What Are The Benefits Of Vertical Farming?

Saving Space

One of the primary benefits of vertical farming is that it saves space. Since plants are grown on top of each other rather than beside each other like traditional farming, you can grow approximately 75% more food per square foot! This means you get more bang for your buck all while using minimal amounts of space.

Saving Water

Another benefit of vertical farming is how much water you save! Unlike traditional farms, water is recycled when using vertical farms particularly when hydroponics is used (like our AEVA & EVE). Our units use 95% less water than traditional farming practices!

Convenience Of Growing Year-round

Not only is it convenient growing more food in a smaller amount of space, but vertical farming also allows you to grow year-round. Indoor growing using vertical farms has been a rising gardening trend and is extremely beneficial to those who may experience short seasons or extreme weather conditions. Another convenience factor is the fact that harvesting can be accustomed to the individuals’ needs meaning quality produce year-round.

How Vertical Farms Work

Now that we’ve given you the spiel on vertical farming 101, let’s talk about how our units work to save space, save water, and enable fresh food year-round.

Check out this video of our growth expert Christopher Di Grazia explaining how our units work.

Have Any Questions?

Do you want to learn more about vertical farming? Email us or contact us via our social media channels and we will set up a one-on-one meeting with you and one of our growth experts. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions! Consider it a personal vertical farming crash course!


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