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A Growing Trend: Eco-Friendly Living

Society today finds itself with more and more people actively choosing sustainability, and environmental awareness. This has led to many businesses and entrepreneurs to sell creative solutions that combine such awareness and lifestyle choices. A fascinating example of this kind of integration is indoor gardening, where style and sustainability come together to create a cohesive design for our living spaces. This emerging trend extends traditional gardening boundaries, turning plant-care into a stylish and environmentally responsible activity. In addition to bringing the outdoors inside, indoor gardening is a concrete way to demonstrate dedication to sustainable living. The “green lifestyle” has been a growing lifestyle choice since 2009, before its peak popularity in recent years.

The growing trend of eco-friendly living presents a variety of opportunities to enrich an eco-friendly lifestyle. Key opportunities include eco-friendly home design, plant-based diets, repurposing and mindful-consumption habits. Making intentional and thoughtful lifestyle choices may not always be easy, but they are worth it. Making intentional and thoughtful choices considering the environment is an invaluable habit to exercise. 

There are many ways to get involved in environmental advocacy here in Toronto. The Toronto Green Community, a charitable organization founded in 1995, inspires communities in Toronto through community engagement, educational outreach and environmental advocacy to inspire others to make more sustainable choices, learn more here. Live Green Toronto is a city run effort, facilitating the #TransformTO initiative, working towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by providing funding opportunities, incentives, and resources. You can learn more here.  

Indoor Gardening, according to the Collins Dictionary, means the cultivation and tending of indoor plants of various kinds such as ornamental plants or food plants. Indoor gardening offers relaxation, creativity, productivity, focus, and recovery benefits. Check out Just Vertical’s Instagram post here on 7 plants to improve the look and feel of your room! At Just Vertical, our team loves our planet, fresh food, and making produce more accessible. Let’s all try and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle!


Written by: Emiliana Balsamo


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