Just Vertical

Our state of the art FarmWall can turn any part of your home into a mini-farm. It is time to take back our food system!

How it works

Decide what package you want

We recommend you start with a 4 tower FarmWall rental. Order it online and we will email you to decide what you want to grow 

Get Ready for Delivery

Pick out a space on your wall. We will start growing your plants for you so it is all ready to go when your towers are ready!

Start Growing!

We will hand deliver your seedlings to you monthly to make sure you've always got something to harvest and your farm runs well! 

Our Commitment

We are committed to 3 Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG's). Before the 8 billionth person is born on earth we want to accomplish three things: Eliminate 8 billion food miles. save 8 million litres of water, and grow 800 000 lbs of fresh, local sustainable food

About Us

Our Team in the Media

With our goals in mind we have been rigorously testing the market. Seeing what people want, want people like, and importantly how we can empower everyone to grow their own food. Along the way people have been noticing. Jump over to our media page to see what people have been saying about Just Vertical. 


Environmental Impact

Modern food systems have a tremendous impact: water usage, over application of pesticides, food waste, large shipping distances, and emissions. Using our product you take food miles out of the equation, we use organic based practices, no pesticides, no GMO's, 95-99% less water than traditional agriculture, and we eliminate food waste by allowing you to grow and pick your food as you need it. Meaning it is not going bad sitting in your fridge!

Our Products

Our products are driven by the dual goals of sustainability and efficiency. All of our hardware is manufactured here in Ontario by our partners ZipGrow Canada using a combination of recycled plastics and food safe PVC to ensure sustainability and safety. We are currently growing two weeks faster than field agriculture with far less of an impact. Rent or buy your own FarmWall today!


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