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Cooking With Real (Sustainable) Food

Why home cooks love growing their own food

Can you imagine sitting around the dinner table tasting new flavors from herbs you can’t buy at the grocery store? Do you want to find a solution to the soggy cilantro you need to throw out every week? Or a way to stop the waste from the plastic packaging that the cilantro comes in?

Ethical consumers who want a better food future turn to Just Vertical when they want a sustainable solution to the food waste they’re seeing every week in their own fridge. They turn to Just Vertical when they’re motivated to show others how easy it can be to have a real, lasting impact on the food system. 

But, most importantly, they turn to Just Vertical when they want to use real, fresh, and flavorful ingredients in their latest home cooking inspirations. 

Wondering how folks do this? Let's dive in and learn about some amazing flavors you’ve never tasted before that Just Vertical home chefs are using every day in their recipes.  

New flavors 

Did you know there are over 200 different kinds of Basil? Didn’t think so! 

The reason you’ve only tasted or tried a few of these is that most of these varieties wouldn’t survive the long journey from the field, to the truck, to the grocery store. But just because you can’t find them at the grocery store, doesn’t mean that you can’t ever taste them. 

That is where growing your own produce comes in! 

We want to introduce you to some of our favorite flavors to grow at home

Wasabi Arugula

This one is amazing. Despite having the delicate appearance of arugula, the flavor of this variety is anything but. 

Biting into this your taste buds will be hit first with the fresh flavors of arugula that you would expect. But about 3 seconds later you are going to get an explosion of wasabi flavor out of nowhere! 

This intense flavor makes a great compliment to your salads or even as a spicy topping on pizza!

Dinosaur Kale

Kale, the king of trendy health foods. The shining star of juice bars and health nuts around the world. 

Well did you know there is more to kale than just the chewy, curly, green leaves you are used to seeing? There are tons of different varieties out there. 

Dinosaur kale is one of our favourites with its long leaves. It is popular in Italian cuisine and we can’t wait for it to take its place at the top of the kale food chain in North America!

The best way to grow your own food

With our product, you can offer herbs, vegetables, and flavours you can't get at the grocery store. More fresh, flavourful, and interesting food = more memorable experiences. We’ve seen this time and time again with our customers, whether it is the home chef wowing their kids and partners with fresh aromas, or the executive chef winning new awards with inspired creations using new and novel ingredients. 

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