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Welcome to Just Vertical | We make indoor farms for every person, every space, and every situation.

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What is Just Vertical?

Empowered by science and a mission to make our world a better place, Just Vertical is more than just a local food movement. Together, Conner & Kevin created a system that rapidly produces fresh food and preserves the earth's resources, all from the comfort of your own home.

Our standards

We’re different from the other folks

Our vertical gardens produce substantially larger plants than other hydroponic systems and are designed as a stand-out piece of furniture. What makes us different is how efficient our system is designed - from the unit, to the way our plants grow, to our outstanding customer service. Here is how we compare to other vertical gardens on the market.

How do we compare?

Just Vertical vs. The Others

Just Vertical
The Other Guys

Vacation proof

Water daily ... or else

Fits into your decor

Hide in the basement

Extra storage

No storage

Living art

Plastic gadget

Easy maintenance

Hard to clean

What makes us unique?

We take pride in being different

At Just Vertical, we’re proud to put out a product that is different from other systems on the market. Our product stems from years of research and a strong passion to save our earth through vertical farming. We built a product that not only looks good, but that does good too!

Our vertical gardens work in just 3 simple steps

Find A Spot & Plug It In

No special treatment required. The AEVA & EVE plug right into a regular electrical socket and fit into just about any space.

Add Your Seed Pods

The AEVA & EVE come with a starter pack of 16 seeds. Simply place the seeds in the grow plugs. Then, place the grow plug in one of the plant holes.

Enjoy Fresh Food

Get ready to enjoy the most nutritious and tastiest greens, herbs and fruits in just a matter of weeks.

[...] If you're looking for an indoor gardening solution, this is it. Take a moment and read their reasons for bringing this to life. I could not be happier with this purchase. But c'mon guys. 10 stars!

Tim Just Vertical Grower
I love the possibilities of what you can grow in the AEVA. The simplicity of setting it up while learning is exciting and fulfilling. I'm very happy with the quality of craftmanship and design that went into this hydroponic system.
Kelly Oldford Just Vertical Grower
An efficient system that brings farms closer to where people live, reducing distribution expense and environmental impact.
Marilyn Denis The Marilyn Denis Show


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