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In The Weeds Podcast 🎙

A podcast dedicated to discussing everything to do with food sustainability and urban agriculture - indoor growing, food insecurity, resource consumption and anything else we think is exciting or important.

Podcast Networks

Episode 1

The Social & Environmental Benefits of Hydroponics

Just Vertical founders Kevin and Connor discuss. something near and dear to our hearts - hydroponics.

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Episode 2

The Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food

Have you ever considered growing your own food? Leslie Carson and Janet Music discuss how they see local food playing unique roles across industries.

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Episode 3

Urban Beekeeping

Beekeeping probably seems like it's only done on a large, commercial scale. Chris Kirouac and Blake Retter discuss the importance of urban beekeeping.

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Episode 4

Rooftop Gardening

Recently, rooftop gardens have experienced a surge in popularity. Listen to Antoine Trottier, Rosa Moliner and Tamer Almaaitah discuss the applications of rooftop gardening.

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Episode 5

Green Design

There is a lot of sustainability potential in the way we design our buildings. Learn from Kim Walton about green design.

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Episode 6


Just Vertical founders, Kevin and Connor discuss the process of creating our two indoor gardens, the AEVA and EVE.

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Episode 7

Cell-based Protein

Cellular agriculture is the science of growing animal proteins in cell cultures rather than livestock. Learn more from Yadira Tejeda Saldana, Jennifer Coté and Ahmed Khan.

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Episode 8

Seed Saving

What precedes growing a plant? Often times, a seed. Learn about the importance of seed diversity from Hanna Jacobs and Manish Kushwaha.

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Episode 9

Spotlight: Kitchener, Ontario

There's a lot going on in Kitchener, Ontario in the way of eating local. Learn more from Nick Benninger, Thompson Tran and Court Desautels.

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Episode 10

Community Fridges

Learn about how community food fridges help get healthy food to community members who need it in a collaborative way from Alice Lam, Rebecca Dorris and Sandra Sunil.

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