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The Case For Incorporating An Indoor Garden Into Your Interior Design

Yesterday, we wandered into a friends house and POP - there was one of our indoor gardens tastefully placed next to the fridge in a thoughtfully artistic kitchen. It got us thinking an important question at JV HQ: why do indoor gardens look so great when added to any and every room?

Not only do indoor gardens add some much-needed greenery to any living or working space, but they also have numerous other benefits that will make any room explode with life. So, let’s dive into our top four answers to the question above:

Indoor Gardens Add A Burst Of Colour

Let's be real, most of our indoor spaces can be pretty dull, with neutral colors dominating the scene. But with an indoor garden, you can add a splash of color that instantly livens up the room. Whether it's bright yellow flowers, deep green leaves, or even some colorful fruits and veggies, an indoor garden brings vibrant energy to any space.

Indoor Gardens Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

There's something about being surrounded by plants that just feels calming and peaceful. An indoor garden can create a relaxing atmosphere in any space, including homes, offices, or anything in between. Indoor grow walls make your space the perfect place to unwind after a long day. Plus, taking care of plants can be a great stress reliever, giving you a fun, relaxing, environmentally friendly hobby to enjoy.

Indoor Gardens Provide A Natural Focal Point

In interior design, it's important to have a focal point in each room. An indoor garden can provide a natural focal point, drawing the eye and adding some interest to your decor. They’re also a great way to break up any large space (whether it be a living room, dining room, office, basement, or more) and make it feel more intimate

Indoor Gardens Add Texture and Depth

Indoor garden can add some much-needed texture and depth to your home. With different types of plants (including vegetables, herbs, and leafy greens), you can create a layered look that adds visual interest to the layout of your space. Not only that, indoor gardens and grow walls add natural elements to your home or office, bringing the outdoors in and creating a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

Indoor gardens are an excellent addition to any room or space (much like our friends kitchen). They add color, create a relaxing atmosphere, provide a natural focal point, and add texture and depth to your interior design. With an indoor garden, you can liven up your space and bring the outdoors in - the perfect way to be productive, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and stylish all in one. Your home (and your health) will thank you!


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