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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our collection of questions frequently asked by the Just Vertical growing community.


What is hydroponics?

By definition, hydroponics means "working with water." It is the method of growing plants both indoors and outdoors without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.

Is growing your own food cheaper than buying it from the grocery store?

With our produce payback promise we guarantee that your garden will pay for itself right out of the box. By growing some of your own food, not only do you help the planet but you also help yourself by saving money!

What is the difference between the AEVA and the EVE?

The EVE has the same functionality as the AEVA but smaller. It is designed to fit in the tiniest of spaces, without compromising the quality and efficiency of this vertical garden. In the EVE, the main difference is that the plants are closer to the lights, meaning it is harder for fruiting plants to be grown to maturity.

Is the product easy to put together?

The AEVA and EVE are delivered assembled to your door so you can get up and growing as fast as possible. We want you to start growing, not spending hours trying to build your garden.

Where can I put the AEVA and the EVE?

You can put the AEVA and the EVE anywhere indoors, away from any vents. We recommend placing them somewhere where they can stand out and be easily accessible. Be sure to have a standard 110-120 V electrical outlet nearby and somewhere with neutral light and room temperature (18°-25°C). Warmer conditions are usually better for plants.

What are the dimensions of the AEVA?

The AEVA is a little over 5 feet and 9 inches tall (181 cm), 3 feet wide (91.5 cm) and just under 8 inches deep (20 cm).

What are the dimensions of the EVE?

The EVE is a little over 4 feet and 7 inches tall (145 cm), 3 foot and 5 inches wide (46 cm) and just over 8 inches deep (21 cm).

How do you set up the AEVA and the EVE?

Both the AEVA and EVE come to your door assembled. You can get growing as fast as possible and don’t need to spend hours building like other indoor gardens would have you doing. We provide many resources to make your setup process the easiest that it can be! If you need additional help, feel free to contact us.

For the AEVA, consult our detailed step-by-step User Manual and Visual Setup Guide, or watch our instructional video.

For the EVE, consult our User Manual and Visual Guide, or watch our instructional video

Is there an instructional video to help me with the setup?

Yes! Follow along with our step-by-step instructional setup video guides:
How to set up the AEVA
How to set up the EVE

Do you have a visual guide to help me setup the AEVA and the EVE?

Yes! You can find our Visual Setup Guide for the AEVA here and for the EVE here.

Is there a full user manual?

Yes! You can view and download the following manuals:
AEVA User Manual
EVE User Manual

What wood is used in the units?

Our units use a combination of Fiberboard, Hardwood Veneer and Plywood.

Water & Power

What kind of electrical outlet do I need?

A standard 120-volt, 3-prong electrical outlet.

How much electricity does the AEVA and EVE use?

Both the AEVA & EVE use $3.56 CAD a month in electricity. This equates to 0.072 kW / per hour.

How much light is needed?

Grow lights are included with your garden and we recommend 18 hours on and 6 hours off for non-flowering plants and 12 hours on and 12 hours off for flowering plants.

Your seed starting kit comes with a built-in grow light that you can run 24 hours until your seedlings are ready to go!

How much water do the AEVA and the EVE need?

The AEVA and the EVE have their own self-contained 12L water reservoir. Simply refill the water reservoir every 2 weeks for the AEVA and EVE. Our mobile app is built to notify you when the water reservoir is running low.


What can I grow?

You can grow over 200 varieties of plants, anything from leafy greens and herbs to flowering plants like tomatoes and cucumbers. Check out some of the seeds that we carry.

How much food can I grow?

You can expect 5-10 lbs (2-4.5 kg) of food per month in the AEVA and 3.75-7.5 Ibs (1.5-3 kg) in the EVE after the first month of growth. That equals to approximately 35 servings in the AEVA and 25 servings in the EVE of fresh produce each month.

Do I need soil?

No soil is needed; the AEVA and EVE use grow plugs made from peat moss, an important component that releases moisture to plants as needed.

The AEVA and the EVE will be in an open space. What about pesticides?

Growing with the AEVA and the EVE means you are growing non-GMO and pesticide-free produce.

What about fertilizers?

For basic and optimal care for your plants, it is recommended to use fertilizers. The AEVA and the EVE use organic and salt-based liquid nutrients as fertilizers. To learn more about caring for your AEVA and EVE, consult the AEVA User Guide here or the EVE User Guide here.

How many plants can I plant at the same time?

You can grow 16 plants at a time on the AEVA (8 per side), and 12 plants for the EVE (6 per side). Unlike other indoor gardens, the AEVA and the EVE are designed for you to help organize and grow larger plants.

Can I use Aqua Vega or Aqua Flores with both flowering and non-flowering plants?

You can use one or the other for both plants but it should be noted that flowering plants will do better with Aqua Flora and non-flowering plants will do better with Aqua Vega.

How long has Just Vertical been around? Can I trust Just Vertical to help me grow?

Just Vertical has been around for over 5 years! You can read about our origin story here.

We've been featured by top news organizations and our products can also be found on retailer sites like Best Buy, Wayfair, Indigo, and Amazon.

We are here to help you grow with our dedicated master growers and top rated customer service. Please take a read through of our reviews to learn more about what people have to say about our customer service!

Can I see how others are growing?

We have a dedicated reviews page where you can see what others are saying about their growing journey.

Come join our growing community on instagram, facebook, and twitter.


If I order seeds do the plugs come with it?

For every pack of seeds, we will provide you with enough plugs to grow your plants. A 4-pack of seeds includes the seeds and 4 peat moss plugs.

Can I order the seeds separately?

Yes, you can. Check out our seeds page to order your favorite plants!

Can I change the seeds included in the starter pack?

The Starter Pack for the AEVA comes with 1L Nutrients, 1 Seedling Kit, and enough seeds to grow 16 x Green Butter Lettuce, 16 x Red Butter Lettuce, 8 x Mustard Greens, 8 x Pak Choi, 12 x Basil, 8 x Peppermint, 8 x Chives, and 8 x Dill.

The Starter Pack for the EVE comes with 1L Nutrients, 1 Seedling Kit, and enough seeds to grow 12 x Green Butter Lettuce, 12 x Red Butter Lettuce, 8 x Mustard Greens, 8 x Pak Choi, 8 x Basil, 4 x Peppermint, 4 x Chives, and 4 x Dill.

If you'd like to change the seeds in the starter pack, please leave a comment in your order notes with which starter seed you'd like to replace and what variety you'd like to replace it with.

How long will seeds and peat moss plugs last if I don't use them right away?

As long as the seeds are stored appropriately (cool, dry and dark environment) and the peat moss plugs are kept dry, they can last up to one and a half years.

How do I give the seeds the best chance to germinate?

Run warm water over seeds before placing the seeds in the grow plug and spray the seedling kit dome with warm water every day until germination.

Customer Service

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Within the first two years, if any of the moving parts (lights, pump, timers, etc.) do not work or break through no fault of your own, we will send you a free replacement.
If your unit is not affixed to the wall and it falls and breaks you will be charged for any parts we need to replace.

What comes in the shipment?

Unpack your items and make sure all the parts are inside the cabinet.

In your AEVA shipment, you will find:
- 1x 12L BPA-free water reservoir
- 1x Pump housing and black box
- 1x Submersible pump
- 2x LED lights and lighting automation system
- 1x Wall anchors
- 1x Just Vertical Starter Kit

In your EVE shipment, you will find:
- 1x 12L BPA-free water reservoir
- 1x Pump housing and black box
- 1x Submersible pump
- 2x LED lights and lighting automation system
- 1x Just Vertical Starter Kit
- 4x EVE feet
- 16x EVE feet screws
- 1x Wall anchors

How do I change my order?

Please contact us at We will assist you in changing your order.

What if I want to cancel my order before it ships?

We are sorry to see you go, but we understand. We will fully refund your order. Please contact us at

Where can I contact customer service?

Customer service can be contacted at +1 613-690-6320 or by email at

Do you ship to countries other than Canada and the US?

We ship to Europe and Asia by special request.


How much water can I save in comparison to conventional farming?

The AEVA and the EVE use 95-99% less water than conventional farming.

Packaging is a huge problem, how do you solve that?

Our solution is bringing the farm to you. Through The AEVA and EVE, we enable our customers to use less packaging by growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs.

At Just Vertical, we source and use sustainable cardboard to minimize our environmental impact through packaging.


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