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Partnerships & Research

Growing Together

At Just Vertical, we live and breath indoor agriculture. We work closely with industry partners to deepen our knowledge of hydroponic growing and use that knowledge to create amazing growing experiences.

Through our research and esteemed partners, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of hydroponic farming to make it more accessible, effective, and sustainable for everyone.

Some Of Our Amazing Partners

Seneca College
University Of Toronto
Lambton College


Just Vertical x Seneca College

Just Vertical and Seneca College have been collaborating for several years on research and key indoor growing infrastructural projects.

A keystone of this research focused on measuring the growth of different plants grown with Just Vertical gardens vs. store-bought produce. Through our collaborative research, we were able to determine that our gardens produce more nutritious produce than store-bought produce, helping us better understand the impact of our gardens.

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Partner With Us

We're always looking at how we can push the limits of hydroponic growing, indoor agriculture, and indoor farming. Do you share that passion? Let's chat! Fill out the form below to speak with a member of our Partnerships & Research team.


Just Vertical x CTAAN @ UNBC

The Centre for Technology Adoption for Aging in the North (CTAAN), in collaboration with Just Vertical, conducted ADEPT Workshops to evaluate the impact of indoor gardens in healthcare facilities, focusing on food availability, accessibility, and meaningful engagement.

CTAAN’s pioneering research revealed these gardens as a promising solution for improving quality of life, well-being, and food security for older adults, caregivers, and healthcare systems in northern and rural communities.

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Just Vertical x University Of Toronto

Our partnership with UofT spans before the advent of Just Vertical, with co-founders Conner and Kevin both proud alumni from the university.

Once our organization starting building and testing our gardens, we partnered with UofT to evaluate the impact of Just Vertical's indoor gardens in Revera's urban senior homes in Toronto, where greenery and food interactions were lacking. The gardens improved residents' morale, sparked joy, and served as appealing decorations, fostering meaningful engagement with the program.

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