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Welcome to Just Vertical | We make indoor farms for every person, every space, and every situation.

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Our Produce Payback Promise

Who said money doesn’t grow on trees? Stop paying too much for produce at the grocery store. Grow your garden investment back in a year. That’s right. We’ll give you all the supplies you need to grow $599, $999, or $2499 worth of produce with every new garden - for free.

Our Gardens

scissors cutting a dollar bill

Save big on produce

Combat rising food prices by growing your own delicious produce at home.

a seedling sprouting from the earth

Positive impact

Help make the earth a green place, save on waste, and reduce emissions.

a bunch of green kale leaves

Real, good food

Join the real food revolution, resist damaging industrial agriculture, and grow your own food.

Let's get growing today

Financing Available

Use our buy-now pay-later options to get growing as soon as possible, saving on your produce bill, and paying off the cost of the garden as it pays off itself.

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How it works:

👩‍🌾   Choose a garden

Decide between the AEVA, EVE, or ECO Living Green Wall, depending on your growing needs and space.

Find out more about our gardens here.

👊   Pick your payment plan

Choose between paying upfront, or buy now-pay later (starting at as little as $70/month).

Learn more about our payment plans.

🌿   Get growing

Finish growing your first month of produce valued at $58 (EVE), $99 (AEVA), or $208 (ECO Living Green Wall)

💰   Save year-round

Grow your own produce all year - for free! Keep your hard-earned money while eating fresh food year-round.

What's included in your produce box?

Produce Supplies for a Year!

  • EVE Starter Kit
  •   1L Nutrients
  •   1 Seedling Kit
  • Enough Seeds To Grow
  • 12 x Green Butter Lettuce
  • 12 x Red Butter Lettuce
  • 8 x Mustard Greens
  • 8 x Pak Choi
  • 8 x Basil
  • 4 x Peppermint
  • 4 x Chives
  • 4 x Dill
  • AEVA Starter Kit
  •   1L Nutrients
  •   1 Seedling Kit
  • Enough Seeds To Grow
  • 16 x Green Butter Lettuce
  • 16 x Red Butter Lettuce
  • 8 x Mustard Greens
  • 8 x Pak Choi
  • 12 x Basil
  • 8 x Peppermint
  • 8 x Chives
  • 8 x Dill

Use the calculator below to see what you could do with an indoor garden!

Annual Grocery Savings and Environmental Impact

Here's what else you need to know:

🤔   How hard is it to start growing?

We built our gardens to be as easy to use as possible, it is quite simply plug and play.

Our gardens require about 5 minutes a week of work, that includes filling a reservoir with water and nutrients, and trimming your plant roots. That’s it!

🍂   What happens when my seeds and seed-plugs run out?

Your first box will include enough to grow approximately a years worth of produce. After that, we offer all the supplies you need to keep growing flavourful, sustainable produce.

Click here to browse our selection of seeds and growing supplies.

Want to be the ultimate green warrior? Save your own seeds and reuse them for the next harvest.

🌎   Why are we offering the Produce Payback Promise?

The world is rapidly changing.

  • As a species our environmental footprints have negatively impacted our planet.
  • Access to our basic food supplies have become inconsistent.
  • We've lost our culinary connection with real food and flavour.
  • More people are living in smaller spaces and denser cities.
  • Our connection to real, homegrown produce is diminished, if not completely non-existent.
But together, we want to make a change…

What problems are we all facing that we think can be addressed?

  • Rising food prices precipitated by inflation.
  • Empty grocery store shelves.
  • Nutritionally deficient food options.
  • Significant food waste.
  • Significant material waste from packaging.
  • Travel emissions to get food to the grocery store.
  • Land degradation and unsustainable resource-use from traditional agriculture.
  • A disconnect from real food.
Our mission is to form the world's largest collective of farmers without owning a single piece of farmland. By offering our Produce Payback Promise, we hope to help our growers offset these negative impacts without breaking the bank.

✋   Who is this offer for?

This offer is for anyone interested in growing plants indoors, you might be:

  • A passionate gardener that wants to grow year-round.
  • Someone with no gardening experience that loves to have plants in their living space.
  • An avid chef looking for the freshest, tastiest herbs and vegetables.
  • A hydroponics enthusiast looking to boost your self-reliance with future-proof food production.
  • Someone trying to cut down on your food waste, packaging waste or grocery bill.
  • The host-with-the-most looking to get the coolest piece of furniture that can actually contribute to your dinner parties (think kale for your salad and mint for your mojitos!)
Don't feel that any of these describe you, but you want to grow fresh, flavourful herbs and veggies indoors? Then this offer is definitely for you too!

🌱   How are we different from "the other guys"?

We took a long hard look at the industry and have studied your options for indoor hydroponic gardens. We compared our gardens to "the other guys" across the following criteria: price, ease of setup, customer support, garden aesthetics and company goals.

The Just Vertical gardens came out on top across all criteria. Our plants are the most affordable and the AEVA and EVE are easiest to set up. We offer exceptional customer support and our company prides itself in our sustainability and commitment to our planet. To top it off our gardens are breathtakingly beautiful, thoughtfully designed and elegant.

Click here to learn more about your indoor garden options.

💰   How can I afford a Just Vertical garden?

Our "Grow Now - Pay Later" plans offer you affordable financing options through Paybright. Start growing today with no payment for the first 30 days. Available with 12 or 24 month payment plans.

Click here to learn more about our financing options.

👩‍🌾   Can I see a garden in person?

Absolutely! There are several locations across North America hosting our breathtaking indoor gardens for you to check them out in person.

Click here to see a map of our locations.


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