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The Role of Plants in Interior Design

Today’s society is fixed on trends, particularly seen in the social media space. Staying on-trend is a  popular term in the content creator community as it is an integral part of growing a platform, audience, and personal brand. Indoor gardening poses an opportunity to highlight new industry trends, while showcasing aesthetically pleasing components to enhance a space.  

For a greener lifestyle, here are some characteristics to look for based on the trendiest plants: 

Unique Foliage Patterns

Plants with large leaves and natural design patterns  can enhance a space as a pop of color and natural art. These plants are  
best bought large and placed in a weaved basket pot. Placing them in a large  
corner of a space can highlight the plant as the eye is drawn to that area.  
The Monstera Deliciosa or the elegant Fiddle Leaf Fig are some great  

Different Varieties

Less common plants are the perfect touch to  
bring a vibrant space to life, as they offer a distinctive touch. These plants  
are best when bought small and in variety to vary the different pot size and  
style that fits your living space. You can place your new collection on a  
console table, side table or windowsill. Consider the Snake plant, or the  
Zanzibar plant

In minimalist spaces, choosing a few plants and strategically placing them throughout the space can add warmth and vibrancy without overwhelming the simplicity of the design.  Placing a large leaf plant adjacent to a floor lamp or placing a succulent in a statement pot as a coffee table piece are a couple of ideas for this practical look. In maximalist spaces, the richness of décor can be juxtaposed with the softness of various plant varieties like the Rubber plant, creating a visually dynamic and inviting atmosphere.  

Popular Plants for Style-Conscious Individuals 

I prioritize style in my living spaces, and certainly have my go to design elements and décor that have  become my all-time favorites for defining my decorative style. For those like me, who prioritize style in  their living spaces, there are certain plants that can be your next go-to choice. Succulents take on a  modern flair, with their sculptural forms. They are also low maintenance as they don’t go through the  process of abscission (when plants lose their leaves), they don’t require large amounts of light and require  small amounts of water usually only in the winter months. Their fleshy leaves and stems give them sculptural forms which are favored for modern interiors. 

The Pink Princess Philodendron is a dashing plant, which has trendsetting plant owners all over it. Its  pink leaf characteristics have made it Instagram-famous as it adds a pop of color to any space!

Remember to look for locally sourced and ethically grown varieties of plants that fit your style and add  some design element to your space. Plants can enhance a space when chosen correctly and placed  accordingly but can also deprive a space of key design elements unintentionally. Pinterest is a great place  for inspiration to get started! 


Written by: Emiliana Balsamo


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