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Our Favourite Interior Design Trends Of 2022

Interior design trends are constantly changing, making it a real challenge to stay up to date. But, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a summary of the best thriving interior design trends for 2022. 

Biggest Trends From The  Web

Sustainable Materials

In the eyes of Dwell, we will be using greener and more sustainable materials in upcoming years. Approximately 97% of designers said sustainable materials will dominate in 2022 due to consumers shifting from a “rush to purchase mindset” to a longevity mindset.

Minimalist Designs

An article by HGTV forecasted that the minimalist design will stay in style. Prioritizing functionality and quality over quantity seems to be a popular opinion as homeowners feel more enticed to declutter their living spaces. As they say “quality over quantity”.

Inspiration From Nature

Our last source, Vogue anticipates an increase in nature inspired surfaces or objects in homes this year. Considering the world was stuck inside during the pandemic, interior designer Athena Calderone says “we’re all seeking to strengthen our connection with nature” after being cooped up indoors.

Our Hot Take

Last but not least, here’s our opinion on interior design trends in 2022…

We would like to continue on the theme of ‘greenery indoors’, but with a twist. We think homeowners should introduce greenery in their homes, but in a functional way. Live plants don’t need to just be for decoration. They can also have multiple functions - bringing any room to life while also being sustainable and serving a purpose. We would love to see more indoor gardens like AEVA’s & EVE’s finding homes in 2022. We think this is the perfect way to transform any living space.


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