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What Is Indoor Gardening?

How We Got Here

Indoor gardening is a growing movement (pun intended 😎). But it’s not necessarily a new movement. Indoor gardening in places like apartments, condos, and homes existed much before you or I sprouted into the world. 

When those clever Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans weren't busying making wine or philosophizing over our place in the world, they might have been quietly admiring their own indoor plants. Yep, indoor growing has been around since the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

So what does indoor gardening look like today? And why is it important for the sustainable future of our planet? Let’s find out. 

Definition Of Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is effectively employing otherwise unused indoor space to create an artificial garden in your own home. With increased land scarcity and ever-smaller urban spaces, indoor gardening provides an opportunity for inner-city, condo, apartment, and even suburban home dwellers to grow their own food year-round.

Benefits Of Indoor Gardening

There’s a bouquet of benefits associated with indoor gardening. They include: 
  • Making use of otherwise underutilized indoor spaces (think of this both on an individual scale, but also at a community level)
  • Receiving all the amazing wellbeing benefits of plants in your own home
  • Actively filtering the air within your own home
  • Gardening throughout the year, particularly in places where the weather regularly falls below freezing
  • Growing your own produce that’s pesticide-free
  • Growing your own produce that is literally kitchen to table (if you’re growing herbs, vegetables, and leafy greens)

How You Can Indoor Garden @ Home

Don’t be intimated. Gardening indoors is a breeze. You only need to start small. Even the greatest trees started from the humblest of seeds. Here are some ways to grow indoors:

  • Buy a tropical indoor plant from your local garden center (like our friends at promise supply)
  • Start your own seeds in a seed tray 
  • Grow produce without soil with hydroponics, aeroponics, and aquaponics
  • Grow grateful succulents that are easy to manage and maintain


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