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How It Works

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Indoor vertical hydroponics might sound a little daunting at first, but once you learn a bit more about it you'll find it's actually much more straightforward than it sounds - and growing can be fun and easy.


Hydroponics 101

What does it take to grow beautiful, healthy plants indoors?

Our gardens, the AEVA and EVE are indoor vertical hydroponic gardens - what exactly does this mean? And why is this the ideal way for you to grow fresh, nutritious produce inside your own home?

📚 Basics of Hydroponics

Ok so what the heck are hydroponics?

If you remember grade 10 biology, you probably remember your crazy, eccentric teacher explaining to you that plants need soil to get their nutrients. Well, that isn’t completely true.

Hydroponics is growing plants without soil in an inert medium. Different mediums can include coco coir, peat moss, and rocks (among many other materials). For your reference, we use peat moss plugs.

In Hydroponics, the nutrients are provided by carefully diluting nutrients into a water solution that is then used to water the plants you're growing hydroponically. Easy pea-sy.

💧 Water


The Just Vertical indoor gardens are equipped with a 12L reservoir, stored neatly in the walnut cabinet below the garden. The reservoir only needs to be filled once every 1-2 weeks depending on the size of the plants, saving you time and effort. No more worrying about whether you need to water your plants or not.


A small pump, located inside the reservoir, circulates water and nutrients from the reservoir up through the watering pipes in the sides of the garden. The efficient pump runs every 30 minutes for 30 seconds at a time (a total 48 times per day). Ensuring your plants are always watered when they need it and you don’t have to worry about watering them.

Efficient watering

The plants only take the water and nutrients that they need to thrive, returning all unused water to the reservoir resulting in a very efficient growing process, reducing waste and use of resources. In fact, growing hydroponically can save 95% of water when compared to traditional growing methods.

🥗 Nutrients

Intro to nutrients

Since plants are grown without soil, where they would normally get their nutrients, in hydroponics we supply the plants with nutrients through the water.

Simply add the liquid nutrients directly to the reservoir with the water, all required instructions for feeding specific plants are included in the AEVA and EVE user manuals.

The pump circulates the nutrients directly to the root systems of the plants, along with the water, and the plants take whatever they need to grow healthy and full.

How nutritious is it growing without soil?

There is a misconception that hydroponics isn't as flavourful or nutritious as growing in soil.

In terms of nutrition, nothing is more nutritious than freshly picked produce, whether it be soil-grown, hydroponically-grown, or grown through any other method (i.e. aeroponics).

Growing and buying local (whether that's in your kitchen with an AEVA or EVE, in your garden, or at your local farmers market) is going to be the most nutritious food you can get.

🌞 Light

Built-in LED lights

Growing with lights means that plants don't need to be outdoors or next to windows, and you can grow year round. The AEVA and EVE come equipped with built-in LED light systems that ensure the plants are always getting enough light to grow happily.

Light timer

The AEVA and EVE are built with light timers that keep your plants lights on an automatic schedule, meaning you don't have to worry about turning them on and off each day. Your plants will always get the amount of light that they want and need.

Light dimmer

The AEVA and EVE are meant to be breathtaking statement pieces in your home. So, we've added a built-in light dimmer, so you can adjust the brightness of the plant's lights to match the mood.

🏠 Indoor Growing and Urban Agriculture

What is indoor growing?

Indoor growing is what the name implies - growing food inside!

Traditional outdoor farming is reliant on the seasons and weather. Traditional outdoor agriculture also has lower crop yields in comparison to industrial vertical farms. It also is an inefficient use of space.

New methods of farming indoors, and in particular vertical indoor farming, helps alleviate the issues mentioned above. Most importantly, it utilizes an enormous amount of otherwise unproductive space in ever dense cities and urban areas.

What is urban agriculture?

Urban agriculture, also known as urban farming or urban gardening, is the practice of cultivating, processing, and distributing food in or around urban areas.

Put simply, it’s about being able to produce food within the limits of urban areas like dense cities or suburbs. Urban farming is an alternative way of growing that differs from traditional agricultural practices by utilizing vast areas with inadequate farmland.

From Seed to Salad

The first step in your growing journey starts with a seed - we offer a wide selection of seeds to feed you and your family, but some of our growers even save their own seeds.

Both of the Just Vertical gardens come with a seedling kit to help germinate your seeds get you growing quickly and easily.

Clik on the images below to see how easy it is to germinate your seeds and start plants in the Just Vertical gardens.

Place peat-moss pods into the tray of the seedling kit

Add seeds to the pods

Add water

Place next to a light source

Transplant the germinated seeds into your Just Vertical garden


More than just an indoor garden

Breathtaking Design

We understand that many of our growers want sustainability to be a major part of their life, and their indoor gardens are more than just a temporary gadget. We've designed our gardens to be a treasured part of your home, a statement piece of "furniture that feeds you" - that you can be proud of.

Thanks to the vertical design of the gardens the EVE and AEVA only occupy 3 sq.ft. and 2 sq.ft. of floor area, respectively, meaning they fit comfortably even in small living areas.

Easy to Get Growing

Growing with Just Vertical is a breeze. We've built our gardens to suit every black-thumb, green-thumb, and everything in between. Click each image below to see what it takes to get growing.

Plug it in
Add water and nutrients
Add seedlings in pods
Enjoy fresh delicious produce!

Hydroponics and the planet

Why should you give a shishito pepper? 🌶

Wondering exactly how growing your own food indoors helps the planet (and how growing food indoors makes you an awesome person)?

  Save 95% of water compared to traditional agriculture to grow your food

  Eliminate carbon emissions required to transport food. Every. Single. One.

  Eliminate food waste by picking straight from your unit

  Eat nutrient-rich food every day

  Grow without pesticides

  Utilize limited urban space for growing food

Want to learn more? See our gardens below or browse many of our amazing resources on our blog page, as seen below.
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Our in-house plant scientists designed the AEVA and EVE gardens, with vertical hydroponics technology, to be as easy to use and as enjoyable as possible to have in your home. But our consulting services department has employed the same technology to design and create larger-scale, custom hydroponic farms.

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