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We've designed breathtaking indoor gardens for every family, every home, and every lifestyle. Grow herbs, vegetables, and fruit with furniture that feeds you.


The smaller Just Vertical garden. Designed for smaller spaces and urban or city dwellers. Great for growing herbs, vegetables, and leafy greens.


  Height: 57" (145 cm)

  Width: 18.5" (46 cm)

  Depth: 8.25" (21 cm)

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  Financing starting @ $32.00



The larger Just Vertical garden. Designed for larger spaces and families. Great for growing herbs, vegetables, leafy greens, and flowering plants.


  Height: 71.25” (177 cm)

  Width: 37” (91.5 cm)

  Depth: 8” (20 cm)

  Latest Shipping Times

  Financing starting @ $55.00

Meet The AEVA

How To Grow With Just Vertical

Growing with both the AEVA & EVE is an easy three-step process.

Find A Spot & Plug It In

No special treatment required. The AEVA & EVE plug right into a regular electrical socket and both gardens are designed to fit into just about any space in your home.

Add Your Seed Pods

The AEVA & EVE come with a starter pack of 16 seeds. Simply place the seeds in the grow plugs. Then start your seeds in our free seedling kits that come with each garden.

Transplant & Grow

Transplant your seedlings into your Just Vertical garden, fill it with water, and let your brand-new indoor farm do the rest of the heavy lifting.

What Can You Grow?


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