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U of T startup article as top 5 company in Ontario

AEVA best new tech in Canada from

Huffington Post:
Just Vertical on Modern Gardening announces
AEVA best new tech in Canada

“Top 5 Emerging Company Ontario”

Five Ontario-based social enterprise ventures will compete for $20,000 in awards at Ontario Centres of Excellence’s (OCE) third Social Enterprise Pitch Competition, being held on May 1 at Discovery 2018.

"Urban farming in a bit to cut pollution"

A University of Toronto startup that sells vertical hydroponic growing systems has joined forces with a Ryerson University-linked non-profit to bring down the stratospheric cost of fresh fruits and vegetables in Canada’s northernmost communities.

“The Farming Revolutionaries”

The at-home hydroponic system from Just Vertical takes up two square feet and looks like a mid-century-modern credenza. It can grow up to 16 plants at once using 95 per cent less water than conventional gardening.

“The Uber of Urban Farming”

When looking down the barrel of global food insecurity, shortages of agricultural lands, and damaging fertilizers and pesticides it can be demoralizing. However, let me assure you there are some great companies and great people working on these challenges.

"The Perfect Veggie Garden in the City"

We love living in the city for the vibrant culture, community gatherings and amazing food. For all the things city living brings, one thing it doesn't make easy is gardening. Don't despair though because in any concrete jungle, you have options to build the perfect garden for your needs - you just need to know where to start.

"AR firm signs with Just Vertical"

Just Vertical will use NexTech's ARitize software to create three-dimensional (3D), augmented reality (AR) models from two-dimensional images of its AEVA hydroponic setups.

Vertical Gardens at UTM

Two UTM alumni and co-owners of the company Just Vertical, Conner Tidd and Kevin Jakiela, have constructed two new vertical gardens for the Student Centre and OPH.

"2018 SIBO Finalist"

Sustainable Brands ® recently announced 11 semi-finalists to compete at the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open (SBIO) startup competition. The SBIO competition attracts world-changing entrepreneurial teams with unique ideas to solve some of the world’s pressing environmental and social concerns.

“Five standout U of T startups to watch”

As an urban dweller, it might seem like a struggle to get your hands on fresh, affordable, and pesticide-free produce year-round. Just Vertical helps address that problem by introducing the concept of indoor hydroponic farming.

"Accessible gardening"

For gardeners who are losing their ability to enjoy their favourite hobby, the results can be heart-wrenching. That is happening as many older Canadians move into accommodations without gardening space, or are finding yard work increasingly difficult.
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