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The EVE is a modern hydroponic garden system designed to fit in the tiniest of spaces, without compromising the quality and efficiency of this vertical garden. With the newly launched EVE, now any gardener can have their own indoor garden and grow fresh, pesticide-free food in the comforts of their home. 

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The EVE is a modern hydroponic garden system designed to fit in the tiniest of spaces, without compromising the quality and efficiency of this vertical garden. With the newly launched EVE, now any gardener can have their own indoor garden and grow fresh, pesticide-free food in the comforts of their home. 

It’s like a fancy Italian coffee machine but for your food!

With the same concept of being able to make a latte at home with the click of a button, with the EVE you just put the
seed pod in, turn it on, and wait for your artisanal herbs and veggies to grow!

How your EVE will arrive

Order your EVE and have it delivered and set up in 3 simple steps.


Place your order for the EVE

Got questions before placing your order? Our dedicated team of engineers and gardening experts are here to answer any questions may have.


We deliver the EVE assembled, packaged in a box

The EVE will come fully assembled and packaged in a box at your door. Simply add the 4 legs and start growing!


Grow your own produce and enjoy

Harvest and enjoy over 200 variety of plants including herbs, leafy greens, and more on a monthly basis.

What’s included in the Starter Kit

The EVE comes fully equipped so you can easily grow a variety of food all year round.
Here is what comes in your Starter Kit when you purchase an EVE.

16 Seed Pods

Our seed pods are made of peat moss, so no soil is required with the EVE. Simply place your plant seeds inside, and then place your seed pod into the plant hole.

1 Seedling Kit

This kit help the seedlings sprout and maintain moisture throughout their growth. All you need to do is place the seed pods in the seedling kit and watch them germinate!

2 Nutrients

For your plants to get the proper nutrients, we provide Aqua Vega Nutrient Blend, a salt-based liquid fertilizer. Add 20ml of both nutrients in your fresh tank of water.

Seed pods in
your kit

Grow your own rainbow of superfoods with a mix of these greens from your starter seed pods.
You will receive 4 each of these plants, for a total of 16 plants to get you fully started with your EVE.

4 X Arugula

4 X Basil

4 X Lettuce

4 X Kale

  • Exciting to see our produce grow! Aeva became a daily routine where the family looks at how fast things grow! Can't wait to taste!

    – Phillipe
  • Strong consistent growth Plants are growing strong and consistently. They are not ‘leggy’ like in many other systems I’ve tried. Very happy with my purchase.

    – Caleb
  • An efficient system that brings farms closer to where
    people live, reducing distribution expense and
    environmental impact.

    – Marilyn Denis, The Marilyn Denish
  • Best decision I ever made! This thing changed my life. I am so excited to be growing my own greens and showing my Aeva off to everyone that comes over. People are instantly obsessed. I am so excited to keep trying new seeds and new recipes to go with them.

    – Elizabeth

What is the difference between the AEVA and the EVE?

The EVE has the functionality as the AEVA but smaller. It is designed to fit in the tiniest of spaces, without compromising the quality and efficiency of this vertical garden. In the EVE, the main difference is that the plants are closer to the lights, the lights are dimmable, and it is smaller than the AEVA.

When should I expect my order?

We are now accepting regular orders which will start shipping out three weeks after your order has been placed.

How do you set up the EVE?

To set up the EVE, simply add the 4 legs, and screw them with the screws and Allen key provided. Then, place the vertical garden near an electrical outlet, plug it in, plant the seed pods that come with in your Starter Kit, fill in the water reservoir, and watch your plants grow!
For a detailed step-by-step guide, you can also consult our:
- Visual Guide
- User Manual
- Video Setup

Does my order already come with a set of seeds?

Yes! Upon placing an order for the EVE, you also get a FREE set of 16 seed pods. You can also buy more here.

What can I grow?

You can grow over 200 varieties of plants with the EVE! When you purchase the EVE, you will already be receiving a starter kit with Basil, Arugula, Kale and Lettuce, however you can purchase more seeds in our seed pod collection!

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    Grow the EVE with your favourite fruits and vegetables. Shop our collection of hydroponic seed pods so your indoor garden is always full and thriving.


    What makes the EVE special?
    Learn more about the many benefits it can bring to your home.


    Learn more about our passionate team of hydroponic experts. Discover our story and our mission to build a solution for a more sustainable planet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Susan Lemieux
Great little system

I have had my EVE since the middle of May and we have enjoyed several harvests. I am mostly positive about my experience with EVE and I have learned a few things about it: It is easy to set up (read the manual and you'll have no problems with the timer). All seeds we started germinated easily. If you have the space, go for AEVA. I bought EVE because it fit into the spot I wanted to use in my kitchen but I would be happier to have the larger product to grow more lettuce. Be prepared to root trim your plants more often than once/month. These plants grow vigorously! Three basil plants is MORE than enough to grow at one time! The kale I grew was really too large for EVE and the roots were enormous. I don't believe there is enough room to grow tomatoes in EVE; moreover growing flowering and non flowering plants together in the same solution is not ideal. My plan is to stick happily to herbs and leafy greens. Be aware that the seed starter does not fit in behind the lights in EVE. My solution was to buy an inexpensive desk lamp, put a grow light in it and set it on my counter for seed starting. Just Vertical customer service is very responsive. My pump was DOA but I received a replacement within a few days. Would I buy it again? Probably for convenience.... but I am going to start a larger hydroponics system in my basement. :)

Kevin Parmenter
Beautiful addition to any room

I've had my EVE for a few weeks now and loving it. Basil and aragula growing beautifully and effortlessly. The unit adds a healthy brightness to an otherwise dark room and the noise (due to the pump) is not disturbing with the unit in my office.

Only issue I've had so far is with the seedling kit. The basil seeds sprouted with no issue but the rest either did not sprout or molded. I've managed to get 2 plugs started by putting them directly in the unit and covering with food wrap and poking holes in it. The seedling kit may be a little bit too big (fits 30 plugs but the EVE only fits 12 plants). A smaller kit could fit in the back of the unit to take advantage of the build in light without moving the EVE everytime.

Overall, fantastic product and I am waiting impatiently to receive my next batch of seeds!

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your feedback and kind words! That is great feedback on the seedling kit and I will let our support team know. Could you please reach out to our support team about this issue they will be able to provide feedback on how to promote germination. Our support teams email is



Christine Periard-dabros
Not sure…

The reason I’m giving it 3 is because it has been a slow start, slower than my small tabletop hydroponic (Moistenland). The Vertical itself is a beautiful piece and easy to get going. The seeds that it came with were hit and miss. The top two slots do not get as much water as I noticed the tops of the pods remain dry. I took the pod out and noticed than only about 1/3 was moist. Anyway, the lettuce and arugula are growing but look weak and the basil is getting there. I’ve started new herbs from seeds that I purchased. Not giving up but slightly disappointed. I saw photos of other clients after 3 weeks and it’s overgrown. I followed the directions and put the correct amount of « plant food ».

Hi Christine,

Thank you so much for your feedback! I am sorry to hear that you haven't gotten off to a great start with plant growth in your unit. If you could reach out to our support team at they can set up a call with you to see what the issue might be. In the meantime please take a look at our support manual for tips and tricks on speeding up plant growth. You can find the manual in the 'support' tab at the top of the website.



Jean Harbec
knock on cabinet

knock on cabinet and pods almost broken. timer diificult for setting

Hi Jean,

Thank you for your review! Please reach out to our support team at and they will help you with any questions or concerns you have with your unit.



Frank Anderson

After 3 weeks in operation it's over grown.

We are so glad to see all that produce growing in your EVE Frank! Please reach out to us if you have any questions in the future.

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