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Always wanted to grow your own garden but you've never had the time and space? Meet the EVE - a space-sensitive indoor garden built into a beautiful furniture piece. Welcome to the future of food...

📢  Introducing The EVE

  • Grow 12 plants at once – think fresh herbs every day
  • Less than 8 inches deep and 18 inches wide - takes up less space than a potted plant
  • Worried that you'll forget to water your plants? Our systems are smart, so they water the plants for you automatically 48 times a day…. The days of killing all your potted plants are over
  • Built-in LED grow lights so you don’t need to worry about natural light
  • Comes fully assembled - we aren’t your typical Swedish retailer
  • Everything you need to get started is included. Simply find an outlet to plug in your new garden (don’t worry we provide a power bar in case you don’t have one)
  • Great for growing fresh, fragrant Basil, colorful Merlot Lettuce, and all kinds of herbs and leafy greens
  • Free shipping (because who wants to pay for that!)
👨‍🌾  Everything You Want Gardening To Be:
  • Add water once every two weeks so you can vacation in peace
  • Real wood coupled with luxury furniture design. Built to fit into any living space without distracting from your immaculate interior decorating
  • Get growing in 4 easy steps: plug in your unit, place the seed pods into your garden, fill your water reservoir, watch it grow! No green thumb required
  • Less than 5 minutes of maintenance work per week makes gardening a sweat-free activity
  • Grow food you can’t get at the grocery store (Wasabi Arugala anyone?)

✅. Here For A For A Lifetime:

  • We are Green Business Certified; be confident you’re helping build a better world
  • 100+ Positive endorsements from happy customers
  • With our Growing Guarantee, we certify your plants grow or we send new ones for free!
  • We only build quality products, and to prove it we protect our gardens with a rock-solid 2-year warranty
  • Manufacturing full circle for us matters - our gardens are made using recycled plastics

We’re here for you beyond your purchase, our dependable master growers are always available to help from simple questions to deep learning about growing your own food.

Order Processing
All Just Vertical orders are processed at our manufacturing facility located in Toronto, Ontario.
We aim to ship orders from our facilities within 1-3 business days from the date you make your order.
Once your unit leaves our facility, the delivery company and time will depend on where you are located. You can find specific information for your location and unit on our shipping page.
Height 57" (145 cm)
Width 18.5" (46 cm)
Depth 8.25" (21 cm)
Weight 35 lbs (15.88 kg)
Cable Length 4 feet (1.22m)
Electrical A standard 120-volt, 3-prong electrical outlet
Cost in Electricity $3.50 CAD/month
Material Solid wood frame Chrome Legs
Plant Capacity 12 plants
Watering Add water every 2 weeks
Power Consumption 0.072 kW / per hour
Type of Lights Full spectrum, fully-dimmable LED grow lights
1x 12L BPA-free water reservoir
1x Power bar with GFCI attachment
1x Pump housing black box
1x Submersible pump
2x LED lights and lighting automation system
1x Wall anchors
4x EVE feet
16x EVE feet screws



Our Produce Payback Promise 🤝

When you purchase a new EVE, we’ll give you all the supplies you need to grow $700 worth of produce - for free.

How does it work?


Pick Your Produce Plan

Choose between our herb, leafy green, vegetable, or mixed starter box.


Pick Your Payment Method

Add the EVE to your cart and follow the prompts the pick your payment plan or pay upfront.


Get Growing

Your new EVE will ship within 7 business days. Start saving as soon as your garden arrives.

Getting Started

Our Produce Boxes

We offer 3 different starter boxes with our Produce Payback Promise. See the different boxes below. If you'd like to substitute any seeds in your box with seeds of your choice, leave us a note when you're ordering your garden of what you'd like, and what you'd like to remove.
Greens Box Herb Box Mixed Box
1L Bottle Vega A&B 1L Bottle Vega A&B 1L Bottle Vega A&B
160 Seed Plugs 24 Seed Plugs 74 Seed Plugs
1 Seedling Kit 1 Seedling Kit 1 Seedling Kit
Lettuce Cilantro Cilantro
Arugula Basil Basil
Kale Oregano Oregano
Swiss Chard Rosemary Rosemary
Parsley Dill Lettuce
Collard Greens Chives Arugula
Raddichio Lemongrass Kale
  Swiss Chard

What Can I Grow?


The Growers Verdict

See what the AEVA means to Just Vertical grower Avery in a special grower review of Just Vertical.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Joke Oldenburger
Eve is beautiful.

Love Eve. It takes long for the seeds to go, so far I have parsley, spinach and 3 tomatos that came with the pack. I would have liked to be able to choose the starterspack myself. Looking forward to growing more and have fun eating from Eve.

Thanks for your review and feedback! Please let us know if you have any questions moving forward, our team would be happy to help.



Susan Lemieux
Great little system

I have had my EVE since the middle of May and we have enjoyed several harvests. I am mostly positive about my experience with EVE and I have learned a few things about it: It is easy to set up (read the manual and you'll have no problems with the timer). All seeds we started germinated easily. If you have the space, go for AEVA. I bought EVE because it fit into the spot I wanted to use in my kitchen but I would be happier to have the larger product to grow more lettuce. Be prepared to root trim your plants more often than once/month. These plants grow vigorously! Three basil plants is MORE than enough to grow at one time! The kale I grew was really too large for EVE and the roots were enormous. I don't believe there is enough room to grow tomatoes in EVE; moreover growing flowering and non flowering plants together in the same solution is not ideal. My plan is to stick happily to herbs and leafy greens. Be aware that the seed starter does not fit in behind the lights in EVE. My solution was to buy an inexpensive desk lamp, put a grow light in it and set it on my counter for seed starting. Just Vertical customer service is very responsive. My pump was DOA but I received a replacement within a few days. Would I buy it again? Probably for convenience.... but I am going to start a larger hydroponics system in my basement. :)

Thank you for your review Susan! This is great feedback for us and for other potential customers. Using an office light is a great solution for the germination kit, putting it near a window with access to sunlight works too.

Have a great day and please let us know if you need anything in the future!


Kevin Parmenter
Beautiful addition to any room

I've had my EVE for a few weeks now and loving it. Basil and aragula growing beautifully and effortlessly. The unit adds a healthy brightness to an otherwise dark room and the noise (due to the pump) is not disturbing with the unit in my office.

Only issue I've had so far is with the seedling kit. The basil seeds sprouted with no issue but the rest either did not sprout or molded. I've managed to get 2 plugs started by putting them directly in the unit and covering with food wrap and poking holes in it. The seedling kit may be a little bit too big (fits 30 plugs but the EVE only fits 12 plants). A smaller kit could fit in the back of the unit to take advantage of the build in light without moving the EVE everytime.

Overall, fantastic product and I am waiting impatiently to receive my next batch of seeds!

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your feedback and kind words! That is great feedback on the seedling kit and I will let our support team know. Could you please reach out to our support team about this issue they will be able to provide feedback on how to promote germination. Our support teams email is




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