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When COVID-19 restrictions hit in Ontario, Canada, we had to adjust. As a manufacturer of physical hydroponic and indoor growing products, production couldn’t simply be moved to work-from-home. How the production facility changed: London, Ontario is located some ~200 Km (~125 Miles) away from our head office in Toronto. Pre-pandemic, it was the norm for team members, including co-founders Kevin and Conner, to travel together to the London production facility to assess and assist in the manufacturing process. However, when sweeping lockdowns were enacted across Ontario, our Toronto team could no longer safely travel to London together. For much of...

At Just Vertical, our goal is not to sell an AEVA. Our goal is to encourage thinking about environmental sustainability in a personal and healthy way. The AEVA is just one method to have a positive impact but it only works if it you can use it. This week I sat down with Co-Founder Kevin Jakiela to discuss some of the testing we do to ensure that you can get what we promise from the AEVA. Q: How did Just Vertical decide on the design and functional processes of the AEVA? A: Each component is selected via two dimensions. The...

SARS-CoV2, the cause of COVID-19, has spread across the world at a blistering pace, changing how we live our lives. However, the pandemic was not just left to scientists and doctors to solve. Everyone had to pitch in. From wearing masks, staggering unemployment, and working from home; “the new normal” defined our lives for the past 8 months and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This pandemic has forced everyone to change how they live their lives and Just Vertical is no exception. At Just Vertical, COVID-19 presented challenges for how we wanted to interact with customers...

The EVE is built for the modern person on the move. Sleek, compact, mobile, and fast-growing. It has it all from the art-inspired looks to the science-backed growing method. We made this specifically for you. For you, the person with an active lifestyle The EVE germinates and grows 12 plants fast, use the EVE to grow quickly and harvest quickly to fit your fast-moving lifestyle. The EVE fits into any living space We create products that make growing accessible for any home. At only 18.5" wide it fits in corners, it works as a standalone piece on a wall, or...

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Calling it “vertical hydroponic gardening” makes this type of gardening seem complicated and difficult, right? The truth is that vertical hydroponic gardening, especially using the AEVA is super easy.

Have you ever wondered why indoor plants are so popular? Do you know the real science behind why we are so drawn to them? Learn about the amazing benefits Nelson Elsholtz experienced when he brought an abundance of plants and greenery into his Toronto home.

The taste of your grandmas home cooked tomato sauce , the smell of the fresh herbs that she lovingly tends to. These sensations make you feel at home in a way nothing else can. Gardening is one of the most cherished and rewarding activities among seniors.

Seeds are such an important part of your farm or garden. You plant these tiny seeds and they eventually grow into the vegetables you will harvest. They are a critical input and they aren’t cheap. Learn more about what you're paying for and what you get when you order seeds from suppliers.

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