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Seed Plug


Seed Plug

Seed Plug

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These seed plugs allow you to plant your favourite fruit and vegetable seeds in the AEVA.

These seed plugs allow you to plant your favourite fruit and vegetable seeds in the AEVA.



When packaging our products, only one of the members of our team is in interaction with the AEVA to minimize risk and we ensure to thoroughly wash our hands and wear protective gear when preparing your order.


The AEVA will delivered to you by our specialty furniture carrier partners to ensure damage-free deliveries:
- Western Logistics for Canadian orders
- Sun Delivery for U.S. orders.

Our Partners

In response to the pandemic, our partner shipping carriers are carefully following the CDC and WHO guidelines by restricting visitor access to facilities, implementing individual hygiene guidelines for all employees, and sanitizing all company trucks at the start of each shift.

How the AEVA will arrive

We strive to deliver your AEVA through a seamless experience in three simple steps.


Place your AEVA order online

Got questions before placing your order? Our dedicated team of engineers and gardening experts are here to answer any questions may have.


We deliver the AEVA assembled

The AEVA comes fully assembled at your door. Simply find the right spot for it, and start growing!
Watch how to set it up here.


Grow your own produce and enjoy

Harvest and enjoy over 200 variety of plants including herbs, leafy greens, tomatoes, strawberries and more on a monthly basis.

How the AEVA works

With the AEVA hydroponic system, plants grow in contact with water and a nutrient-based solution. Once functional, the system efficiently sends unused water back through the system, offering the plants a constant flow of water and nutrients. Watch your herbs and produce grow within weeks!

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