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Just Vertical Consulting Services

Want to bring your indoor vertical farm dream to life? Looking for something a little more bespoke when it comes to indoor farming?

At Just Vertical, we’re also experts in designing, building, and operating larger-scale, custom hydroponic farms. We ideate, design, and construct anything from custom micro residential scale farms, to full scale operational indoor farms.

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We build, design and operate full-scale indoor farms

We’ve also built out our own product line of hydroponic farms for the home and launched the product internationally. Check out our featured project below, a full-scale, indoor, hydroponic micro-farm in downtown Toronto.

Ready to get growing?

Our team is excited to hear about your project plans and see how we can grow together. The first step is to get in touch and tell us a bit about your project, use the form below to get in touch.

Why Just Vertical?

Our team specializes in:

  1. Design, Engineering, and Research & Development
  2. Business Development and Farm Financial Modelling
  3. Physical farm build out, commissioning, and first planting
  4. Farm Support and Optimized Growing

Find out more below to see how we can help bring your plans to life.

Design, Engineering, and Research & Development

  • Farm Design: 2D floor plans and layout, renderings, 3D models and animation
  • Experimental Designs for R&D initiatives
  • Optimizing yields & Plant health Expertise
  • Hardware and cultivar innovation
  • Business Development and Farm Financial Modelling

  • Business case development, funding and grant writing opportunities and introductions
  • Scoping & Feasibility Studies
  • Production output forecasting
  • Standard operating procedures for hydroponic farms
  • Market positioning for hydroponic farms
  • Farm and Produce Certification (Regulatory measures)
  • Farm Support and Optimized Growing

  • Remote monitoring and remote sensing of farms
  • Tech & Farm support for hydroponic farms
  • Integrated pest management
  • Pathogen and disease prevention
  • Microgreen cultivation
  • Analyzing nutrient and farm inputs
  • Sourcing farm inputs
  • What does it cost?


    Consulting services are billed out on a per-project basis or an hourly basis. Interested in learning more about our pricing structure? Fill out the form above to have a member of our team reach out and discuss our range of pricing around our projects.


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