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Just Vertical
philippe malouin
Warranty, what warranty?

Purchased the Eve last year and 6 months into its use one of the bulbs stopped working. We contacted Just Vertical and received an acknowledgement that this type of defect was covered under their warranty. Unfortunately we've been waiting for over 6 months for a replacement bulb and are now being told that we could have to wait for a few more months for a replacement (no replacement bulbs in stock). Getting fed up with the delays we looked for a replacement at our local hydroponic stores but nobody carries a compatible equivalent, Needless to say that this is extremely frustrating and that the unit only works a half capacity.

While the two bulbs were operational the product was great. Nice design and easy to use but the lack of coverage for such an expensive unit is very annoying.

Just Vertical
Sheryl Baker
The Eve

Fantastic system, does not take up much space and is easy to maintain. Love having fresh food always on hand

Just Vertical
Start slow, continue slow. Harvest happily.

Just a little advice how to start. You don't need to fill every pot on day one. Chose what you want to grow and don't get caught up in the excitement of all the seed choices. The idea is to have a garden that is harvestable of the foods you want for a longer period. Think of the placement since some plants are larger and can block light. This is a 365 day garden so you need to stagger seedlings for best results. It's not a lot of maintenance but it does require planning. Happy gardening.

Just Vertical
Sphynx mom
Love it!

I ordered the Eve because of its small footprint. When it arrived I was really disappointed that there were several missing pieces from the order. I reached out to customer service and Victoria responded the same day and addressed the issue within a reasonable time frame. I also own several Aerogarden style systems and this by far surpasses them. The plants grow so well and I love the beautiful design. I have already grown lettuce and harvested and have now switched to baby cucumbers and strawberries. I am not sure how well they will do but hoping for good things! The cucumber is growing so fast I am hoping I can figure out how to support the cucumbers once they grow and plan to reach out to customer service for advice. You do have to trim the roots regularly but it doesn’t take long at all. I may need to invest in the Aeva! Wish there was a mid size of their new Eco living wall as that one just a bit big and price too steep for me. Highly recommend if you enjoy gardening. No bugs and so much prettier indoors.

Just Vertical
Karen Karnis
EVE Garden

I was so excited about the size of EVE for my small space. Sadly, I am disappointed with several things about the design.

Pros: fresh greens, small footprint, self watering, quiet
Cons: there is no drip tray below the plants, so if you don't remember to trim the roots every three days, the unit leaks on the floor; angled the plant pots are a pain to get in and out to do this very necessary trimming; you can't let the plants get too big because there isn't enough space; the water reservoir is a pain to fill (you can use a watering can to get to the opening, which takes forever with the slow pour, or you can pour directly into the opening, but you can't tip a pitcher past halfway because there isn't enough clearance); the timer for the light doesn't work properly - mine creeps forward about 10 minutes/day (so if I set it to turn on at 5 am, after a week it doesn't turn on until a little after 7) and when I contacted them about it they said this was a known flaw and to just reset it every now and then, which defeats the purpose of a set-it-and-forget-it solution.

While I do enjoy having fresh greens on hand, if I could go back, this would not be the hydroponic garden I would choose. I will continue to use it because it was too expensive not to, but once it has paid for itself, I will look for something more user-friendly.

Hi Karin - thank you for taking the time to leave a detailed review of your EVE. We take all feedback, positive or negative, in stride and use it as a sincere opportunity to make our gardens better for growers like you. Without feedback like yours, we'd never know what our growers need to make the best growing experience possible.

We appreciate your positive feedback on the fresh greens, small footprint, and self-watering feature. However, we understand that the lack of a drip tray and difficulty in accessing the water reservoir can be frustrating. We assure you that we are currently in the process of redesigning the reservoir to make it easier to access and fill up.

We also want to apologize for the inconvenience caused by the timer not working properly. This is a known flaw with a very small number of timers and we are actively working to resolve it. We will ensure we reach out when the issue is resolved to replace your timer.

We are committed to providing a seamless and user-friendly growing experience for our customers. Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention. We're going to reach out to you directly to get all these issues resolved and get your growth growing in a way that is fantastic for you.

Just Vertical
Sheryl Baker
The Eve

I have been using the Eve for a number of months now, and sometimes wish I went with the Aeva instead. Who knew I would want even more herbs. I do love the ease of growing and being able to pick some leaves and herbs to add to dinner. Love my Eve, thanks Just Vertical

Hi Sheryl! Thanks you so much for amazing words. We're glad to hear that you are enjoying your EVE and the convenience of having fresh herbs on hand (trust us, we do too). Thanks again for being a member of our amazing growing community!

Just Vertical
Astrid LeBlanc
Best Money I've spent!!

I've always wanted to be able to grow my own produce, but I definitely do not have a green thumb and living in Atlanta Canada by the ocean, it's s not easy with the varied weather.

I came across Just Vertical by fluke while searching hydroponic gardens one day and I decided to give it a try. I can't believe how amazing it is to have such a beautiful piece of furniture added to my kitchen, that provides me with inexpensive and easy to grow produce.

I've had fresh dill for my salmon and other meals, a variety of Basil, currently Bonsai Tomatoes, Patio Cucumbers, Lettuce, etc.

In today's expensive world, I'm glad that I have my EVE.

THANK YOU Just Vertical!!!!

Hi Astrid - thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a great review of your garden! We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying your garden and that it has made growing your own produce easier and more affordable for you.

We pride ourselves on providing top-quality products that not only help folks grow more food at home in diverse climates and conditions, but also add a beautiful touch to your home. We are happy to hear that the EVE has become a lovely addition to your kitchen.

Thanks for growing with us and for being a member of our growing community (particularly through our Facebook User Group). We really do appreciate the support of folks like you across all of Canada and the States, and we hope you continue to enjoy your fresh and delicious homegrown produce. Happy gardening!

Easy to use, great customer service, but mixed feelings

The unit looks so amazing on the website, but when I got it, the plastic sides and "corner" pieces were not the same white, with the sides looking more yellow, so it looks a little cheap in my opinion. Also had a small dent from shipping (not the company's fault), but customer service was very responsive. However, for the price and initial effort, I was left a little disappointed. Some reviews here show beautiful heads of lettuce after a month, but I have only a few tentative leaves. Maybe the brightness on my unit isn't optimal? At least the seeds really are good, I've had only 2-3 that didn't sprout! I like that everything you need to get started is included. So yeah, it looks good and I'm happy I got it, but I'm not raving.

Hi Izzy - firstly we want to thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are glad to hear that you've had success with your seeds and that our customer service was able to assist you with any concerns you had.

We apologize for the mismatched color of the plastic sides and corner pieces, as well as the small dent from shipping. We do our best to control what goes on with our shipper, but sometimes it's out of our control. We are continuously working on improving our packaging + our shipping partners to ensure that our products arrive in perfect condition.

We are also sorry to hear that your initial growing experience has left you feeling disappointed. We understand that optimal growing conditions can be different for every individual, and we're going do our utmose to get the growing issues resolved. If you can shoot us an email directly at, we'll schedule some time with you to walk through some hints + tips to optimize growth.

We're super grateful for feedback such as yours because it helps us acknowledge where we can get better and orient here internally our focus towards activities that will help growers like yourself thrive. Thanks again for taking the time to leave the review!

Just Vertical
Mylène Barbeau
Wow! So easy!

So easy to install, beautiful, user manual detailed and steps easy to follow. Highly recommended!

Mylene, we're so grape-ful you've left such a positive review! We are thrilled to hear that our installation process was easy and our user manual was detailed. We strive to make things as simple as possible for our customers. We appreciate your recommendation and thank you for growing with us!

Just Vertical
Kendal Watamanuk
We love our Eve!

Best gift we've given to ourselves ever! We love our lettuce and the Eve grows it so fast and it's so delicious. It has made our basement come alive and have given it such a zen vibe. It's so easy and fun and its nice to know exactly were our greens come from. Every household needs one of these..or two, or 3. Recommend 1000%!

Thank you so much Kendal for taking the time to share your wonderful experience with Eve! We're thrilled to hear that it has not only revitalized your basement but also brought a zen vibe to your home. It's fantastic to know that you're enjoying the fresh, delicious lettuce and the ease of growing your greens.

We couldn't be happier to hear how much you value knowing exactly where your food comes from and that you feel every household could benefit from having an Eve—or two, or three! Your enthusiastic recommendation means the world to us.
Thank you once again for your kind words. If there’s anything more we can do for you, or if you have any more feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Happy growing!

Just Vertical
Melanie Geml
Love our AEVA

Before receiving our unit I had great contact with customer service, once our unit arrived i couldn’t be more pleased with the look! It’s a beautiful addition to our dinning room! I would recommend this unit over any other hydroponic units as it adds a piece of decor to any space. Looking forward to growing indoors with our family for years to come! Great product, great staff support!

Thank you Melanie, we are happy to hear that our support team helped out with your questions and that you are really enjoying the AEVA!


problem is that their is no end date...that I could find

Thank you for your feedback. For the end date, could you please let us know what you were attempting to find and for? We are happy to help!

Best machine and overall quality, ever.

Thank you Patric! We are happy to hear that you are enjoying Just Vertical.

Just Vertical
Jacob Stickel
It’s Pretty Good

Good product, higher price point than I would like though.

Thank you for your feedback Julius. Our products are at a higher price point to match its quality. We love to provide deals throughout the year! Feel free to let us know which one you loved and disliked or the price point you had in mind. We appreciate and value your feedback.

Just Vertical
Encore rien reçu. En attente!!!

Encore rien reçu. En attente!!!

Merci pour votre retour Jacques et nous nous excusons s'il y avait un retard lors de l'expédition. Notre expédition prend généralement 7 à 14 jours ouvrables, mais en raison des conditions météorologiques imprévues et des jours fériés, le délai habituel peut être prolongé. Pour toute autre question, merci de nous envoyer un email à : Nous sommes heureux de vous aider.

Just Vertical
Looks good so far

It arrived about a week ago and it's gorgeous. The seeds seem to be sprouting right away in the little seed starter kit. I will say the guide seems to be out of date and my model is much newer so I had to figure out how to set it up by myself, and that the pump and the electricity and the chemicals are totally different than what the manual online and that came with the machine said, this I took away a star.

Thank you for your feedback! Our manual and materials was going through a change at the time. We apologize for the confusion it caused. Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions at We are happy to help.

Mixed bag

I’ve had this unit for over a year and it’s been sometimes great and sometimes frustrating.

Having fresh herbs is wonderful and I really like the seed starter container. I have a 100% success rate, which is awesome.

The timer and pump well and were fairly easy to use.

Certain design decisions could have been better. Firstly the tee they used for the supply plumbing is cheap and I had to replace it. Why not use a better solution here? Next the water tank is very hard to remove with how the drain and supply are run. There is virtually no clearance above the tank, making tank maintenance a lot more annoying than it needs to be.

The biggest issue, though, is that if you have a lot of root growth, water will go everywhere. The floor around my unit has been a mini flood on numerous occasions. Further, this water causes delamination of the plywood base (why not use powder coated or stainless steel?). Sometimes roots can also cause the pod beneath it to get skipped if it directs water to the sides of the pipe.

In the end I think these problems are largely due to the vertical design. Since that is literally the company name I doubt it will change.

Hi Paul, we are sorry to hear that you had mixed feelings with us with our garden.
We appreciate your feedback on our designs and we are constantly finding ways to improve anything that was not up to the expectations of our customers.

You have a good point on the roots that could cause leakage, we will take this feedback and work better on our root growth/care instructions to prevent spillages. Feel free to contact us at if you have any other questions, we are happy to help and make things right.

I Love my AEVA

I have had my AEVA for about a month now. In a few weeks I will be eating my first heads of lettuce. My basil is going crazy, and the newest addition is tomato plants! It was shipped right to my door (loved the free shipping), arrived in perfect condition, and came with so many extras like fertilizer, seeds, the peat pods, and the starter garden. The beauty of the design is you don’t see anything as it tucked away in the beautiful wood cabinet at the bottom! It was easy to set up. The online manual is very well done with all the details you need to set up (right down to the little pink dots showing you which button to push on the timer ). I researched so many hydroponic systems from small to large, none had the features and ease of this one. I may have to purchase another one!!

Thank you Dana, we are happy to hear that you are having an abundance of basil and your first heads of lettuce from our AEVA garden! Our payback promise makes sure you receive all that you need to start growing when you purchase. We love that you are enjoying what we offer to the utmost. Thank you for choosing us among others and we will continue to uphold the best support you need to grow!

Just Vertical
Melanie Geml
Customer Service

We came across this website after researching for a tower garden for 4 years, the communication back and forth was impeccable. The customer service has been amazing thus far! Our order is placed (From Windsor ON excited to support a company from ON!!) and we cannot wait to receive our AEVA Garden! I know if there’s anything I need assistance with, I will no doubt be able to have a seamless chat with customer service! <3 Looking forward to our YEAR ROUND veggies!!!

Thank you Melanie for choosing us after 4 years of your gardening research to pursue one!

You are very right! We will always be here for you no matter how fresh or ancient of a customer you are. Feel free to contact us any time whether through our socials or at

Just Vertical
Shirley Herbst
So cool and interesting!

Great place!

Thank you! Feel free to contact us anytime through our socials or at

Just Vertical
Barry Waldnerq

I have the AEVA vertical gardens. I installed the unit fairly easy. (The hardest part of this system is carrying it into the space where you want it, it is well made and needs two people to move it in, but it is worth the effort)

The instructions were easy to follow.
These units are well built and look great in any space. They enhance the aesthetics of the space they are placed in, not to mention brightening up a space.

Plants grow very well. Germination of lettuce seeds provided was very quick (2 days) and transplanting was very easy.

Thank you Barry, we are happy to hear the love for our design and growth from our AEVA!

Just Vertical
Stephanie T
So far so good!

I got my Eve a week ago. It was hard to get out of the packaging but it's nice that it doesn't require any assembly. It's a very nice unit. I was expecting there to be more seeds than what I received. I don't think it will grow $600 worth of food as claimed. At least the seeds I used almost all sprouted within 2-3 days. The little grow kit they give is cute. I'm excited to transfer everything into the Eve and start growing! Also, customer service seems very helpful.

Thank you Stephanie for your feedback on our EVE! We are happy to hear that you are enjoying it. Our produce payback promise has enough to grow $799 worth of produce for the EVE. We base this on average produce costs. The big savers are the herbs like basil where a single plant can produce $50+ of food!

Just Vertical
Vivian Del Valle

I can't express how HAPPY I am with my AEVA. I didn't know anything about growing vegetables and now i'm harvesting my first batch of organic lettuce, and different kinds of kale. It has been a phenomenal experience. The support I've gotten from the Just Vertical team has been great. They respond right away to my questions. The flavour of these organic vegetables is outstanding. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND having an indoor Just Vertical at home!

We are so happy to hear that beginners are able to get started and even have their first batch of lettuce and kale from our AEVA! Our support team will continue to be there for you and are happy to help.

Just Vertical
Sylvain Gagnon
Very good service

I just received my unit. Delivered after only 5 days. Very good packaging. They are answering very fast at their support email. They also contacted me for the change for the starters seeds. A1

Thank you Sylvain, we are happy to hear that you are enjoying Just Vertical! Our support team will continue to be there for you and are happy to help.

Off to a disappointing start...

I have been growing hydroponically for the last 10 years and decided to replace my old clunky Tower Garden with the space-saving Eve. A day after starting my seeds, one of the USB-C ports stopped working to power the lights on the seedling kit. The other port works, but has to be placed just so and not moved or bumped or the lights shut off. I reached out to customer service and their response was along the lines of "Great, at least one of them works." No big deal - they are $6 on Temu so it's a cheap replacement for me.

Once my seedlings were just about ready to put into the Eve, I filled up the water jug halfway, got busy with something else and placed it on my floor to finish setting up later. I came back to a puddle of water on my floor and noticed water dripping from below the spigot. I attempted to align the rubber piece on the water spout but it continued to slowly drip. I contacted customer service that day (Saturday) but unfortunately, they are only available Monday-Friday. As my sprouts were too big to fit in the seedling kit and needed to be planted, I decided to fix the leak with some caulk. I was told that they would not send a replacement tank as the part has now been modified. To replace it, I can purchase a tank for $20 plus shipping. I find it ridiculous that they won't send out a new tank because I fixed the leak. I feel like I received a "lemon" and am on the hook for the replacement parts. Based on my experience so far, I won't be recommending this company to anyone else. I hope these are the last of my issues - I think it has the potential to be a nice hydroponic garden.

I've only had the Eve up and running for 4 days. I like its small size and it looks nice. It appears relatively easy to clean (compared to the Tower Garden). I like that the water only runs for 1 minute and it is fairly quiet. Upkeep is simple. There isn't a lot of room between where the plants are and the lights so I am guessing plants will have to be kept picked quite short and it won't allow for growing larger heads of lettuce like romaine.

Hi Kylie, we are sorry to hear that we had came off that way and the experience you felt going through support. It seems that support has misunderstood your inquiry on the USB-C and on the water reservoir which did not resolve the issue.

We want to be proactive and have contacted you regarding this and would like to make it right to send you a new USB-C port and water reservoir along with some seeds of your choice due to the inconvenience. We appreciate your feedback and will continue to improve our support.


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