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Succulents Are So 2020

The shift to productive indoor plants 

Listen, we all love our ferns, cactus, succulents, snake plants, and every other orchid and tropical plant scattered throughout the house. But after all this time taking care of your plants, isn’t it time they did something for you? 

That’s where we come in

Make your plants be a part of team you

Just Vertical sells indoor gardens that are designed to look like furniture while fitting into your limited space at home. With our fully automated systems, we make gardening easy and available to anyone no matter your experience level or interior space. 

Ethical consumers who want a better food future turn to Just Vertical when they want a sustainable solution to the food waste they’re seeing every week in their fridge. They turn to Just Vertical when they’re motivated to show others how easy it can be to have a real, lasting impact on the food system

How, you ask?

We build and sell two different versions made for the home and condo spaces - indoor gardens that are designed to look like furniture that easily fit into any and every space. This isn’t just another gadget that is going to gather dust in the corner. This is a centerpiece for the home. Our customers are excited to show off the impact they are having on the food system.

And why…?

We hear lots of reasons for wanting to grow something that not only looks beautiful, but also serves a practical purpose (you can eat it!). Some reason why folks purchase our gardens:

  • They love knowing where their food comes from 
  • They love knowing what’s really in the food they provide to their family 
  • They love serving unique flavours they can be proud of 
  • They love building a better world for future generations
  • They love feeling Inspired to make a difference with their purchases. They know how badly the world needs solutions right now. They are striving to live a lifestyle they can be proud of. 

By growing your own food you get to be a part of the solution. Best of all you get to do it in a stylish way that compliments your existing roster of plants! 

So the only question left is are you ready for 12 new plants or 16?

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