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Bringing Plants Indoors the Designer Way

The benefits of bringing plants into your home are huge. From mental health improvements to air filtration. 

However, many of us struggle to make the plants fit into the décor of the home. How can we bring all these benefits into our home without throwing off the vibe of your space, especially if you are in a condo or limited square footage home?

The traditional challenges of bringing plants indoors include: providing enough light, dealing with soil, providing space where the plants look natural when growing, and getting enough greenery in to provide the benefits you want.

At the same time, you need to balance these problems with not taking up too much precious window space and making sure your effort or time investment is worth the payoff of keeping the plants in the space.

Luckily a new system on the market from Just Vertical has managed to marry interior design and indoor growing into a single functional system. Meet the AEVA. The first fully functional science backed indoor garden that not only produces great tasting food but looks amazing doing it. Recently featured on the Marilyn Denis Show where it wowed the audience. 

3 Ways the AEVA Blends Interior Design and Growing

1. The AEVA brings 16 full plants inside with only a fraction of the work. With its built-in grow light on a timer and self-programmed watering system that only needs to be filled up once every two weeks there is less than 5 minutes per week of work to do.

2. It accentuates the plants with its lines and hardware. This system beautifully blends design and science to a form of living art. Its frame shape has all the plants growing together towards the centre of the unit providing a visual appeal that no other system can.

3. This is the conversation piece you were waiting for. By bringing plants indoors in a novel way that looks great, and is good for the environment using 99% less water and no pesticides, this is a guaranteed conversation piece to get your guests talking.


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