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Hydroponics 101

Calling it “vertical hydroponic gardening” makes this type of gardening seem complicated and difficult, right? The truth is that vertical hydroponic gardening, especially using the AEVA is super easy.

There are a lot of benefits to it as well, which you can read more about here.

Just like typical gardening there are some things that need to be done, but we’ve designed the AEVA so that it only needs minimal care. This is perfect for people with busy lives, but who still want to eat fresh, homegrown produce. Read on to have all your questions answered.


I don’t think we could’ve made this part any easier. The AEVA comes with little holes that we call net pots, where pre-seeded pods are planted.

We’ll send you the needed pre-seeded pods, and all you have to do is place these in the AEVA net pots. Next, you’ll have to cover the seed pods with a plastic cover to generate humidity that helps with germination. Fill the water reservoir, add nutrients, plug in the AEVA, and let it do its work.

pre-seeded pod for hydroponic farming


We know that it’s really easy to forget to water plants. Because of this, we made the AEVA (almost) self-sufficient. All you have to do is to fill the water reservoir every two weeks, and the pumping system and pipes will water your plants for you.


Plants need nutrients to grow and survive, and usually receive this through the surrounding soil. Hydroponic systems on the other hand are soilless. Plant nutrients must therefore be added to the water.

We found that different plants need different kinds of nutrients, so we created special nutrient packages for our produce packages! When you order your produce package, you’ll also receive a nutrient package specifically for those plants. Just add these nutrients to the water reservoir and you’ll be growing healthy, fresh and tasty produce in no-time!

water reservoir



No need to worry about weeds! One of great benefits of hydroponic farming is that there are no weeds. This means a whole lot of less work for you, but more importantly no herbicides!

This way you’ll get super fresh and healthy produce without dangerous chemicals – it’s definitely a win-win situation.



Plants need light to grow, but the AEVA does not need to be placed next to a window because of its built-in lights. Our lights are made to give the plants exactly what they need without creating disturbing light for the rest of the room.

Place the AEVA somewhere you and your guests can admire it, and somewhere close to where you cook. Kitchens, living rooms and entranceways are popular spots for most users.

AEVA Hydroponic System



Some maintenance is important for keeping the AEVA looking good and functioning properly. We suggest wiping of any nutrient runoff and removing any decaying any plant matter. Other than that, we suggest a more extensive cleaning every three months.

One of the perks of being soilless is that cleaning is made very easy. No soil also means no bugs. #winning


Harvesting times will differ amongst the different plants, but we promise to provide you with the needed information in each produce package. Some plants are one-time harvest plants, while others are cut-and-come-again plants. Again, we’ll always provide you with the needed information in order for you to be successful with your vertical gardening.

Did you know that you can grow up to 10 lbs of produce each month with the AEVA?

Hydroponic Grown Tomatoes


Please let us know if you have any more questions about the AEVA or vertical hydroponic gardening in general – we’re happy to help!


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