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Join the Hydroponic Revolution

The future of hydroponics is here! We believe that empowering people to grow their own food is the best way to kickstart the indoor food revolution. Bringing farms to urban areas with a beautiful piece of furniture - so that you can grow up to 10 lbs of food a month. 

By concentrating on design, science and customer interaction we make products that people love and are easy to use. 

Our research and knowledge within hydroponics lets you grow food faster and healthier, making it more beneficial for everyone. We are therefore proud to show our newest product, The AEVA, and why you will love it.


 Hydroponic system AEVA

1. Design

We want our hydroponic system to fit seamlessly into any urban living space. Whether you live in a condo or a family home, our system is easy to use and beautiful to look at. Making it convenient for you grow produce while impressing your family and friends. 



2. Customer interaction

We constantly strive to make exceptional products, and work closely with our customers when making improvements. Your experiences and feedback is therefore important to us!

The AEVA is a direct result of previous customer feedback, where we have delivered advancements in plumbing, light and design. This has lead to an easy-to-use hydroponic system with phenomenal performance.



3. Science

With our latest product, The AEVA, we have managed to perfect the science. Making it possible to grow produce 3 weeks faster than typcial agriculture, using no pesticides, up to 99 % less water and providing you with up to 10 lbs of fresh produce per month. This means that you can save up to $1500 per year on groceries. 

Just Vertical is on a mission to bring fresh, clean, sustainable food back to your home with the most space, water, and energy efficient system there is. Order the AEVA today and join the indoor food revolution. Save money, grow your own produce and help the environment.


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