Super Gourmet Salad Blend


Super Gourmet Salad Blend Just Vertical

Super Gourmet Salad Blend

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Variety is the spice of life. A combination of a range of different lettuce varieties designed to offer some different options when growing in your unit. The blend includes Simpson Elite, Salad Bowl, Darkness, Rouge d'Hiver, and Grand Rapids.




How to set up your seed pods

Grow a variety of plants, from superfoods to mixed greens and fruiting plants! Here are 3 easy steps to setting up your seed pods.


Insert your seeds
in the peat moss plug

Carefully drop a few seeds inside the hole of the peat moss plug that was provided with your seeds order.


Place the entire pod
into your vertical garden

On one of the plant holes of your vertical garden, insert the pod with the seeds.


Watch your
seeds grow!

To ensure proper growth of your plant, make sure to put the appropriate amount of nutrients.

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What can I grow?

You can grow over 200 varieties of plants, anything from leafy greens and herbs to flowering plants. Fruiting plants however cannot be grown to maturity in the EVE (tomatoes and strawberries are examples). Also note that growing root vegetables is not compatible with vertical farming.

Do I need soil?

No soil is needed; the AEVA and EVE use grow plugs made from peat moss, an important component that releases moisture to plants as needed.

What about fertilizers?

For basic and optimal care for your plants, it is recommended to use fertilizers. The AEVA and the EVE use organic and salt-based liquid nutrients as fertilizers. To learn more about caring for your AEVA and EVE, consult the User Guide here.

How do I give seeds best chance to germinate?

Run warm water over seeds before placing the seeds in the grow plug and spray the seedling kit dome with warm water every day until germination.

How long will seed pods last if I don't use them right away?

As long as the seeds are stored appropriately (cool, dry and dark environment) and the peat moss plugs are kept dry, they can last a few months.

If I order seeds do the plugs come with it?

For every 1 seed order, you will receive a grow plug.

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