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Benefits of the AEVA hydroponic system

Multipurpose design for your home

An all-in-one vertical garden system that also serves as a modern stand-out piece of furniture.

Grow three times more produce

Produce three times more output than other indoor gardens on the market.

Grow your favourite plants

Choose from over 200 different herbs, vegetables and fruits to plant.

Plug & grow

Traditional gardening requires lots of attention. With the AEVA simply add your seed pods and watch your plants grow.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Support sustainable farming and lower your carbon footprint by being part of the solution to our food future.

for everyone

No green thumb? No problem. Our starter packs are designed for gardeners at any level. with the AEVA we guarantee you will grow successfully.

How the AEVA works

With the AEVA hydroponic system, plants grow in contact with water and a nutrient-based solution. Once functional, the system efficiently sends unused water back through the system, offering the plants a constant flow of water and nutrients. Watch your herbs and produce grow within weeks!

What makes the
AEVA special
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How the AEVA
works in your home
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View the AEVA in 3D

“An efficient system that brings farms closer to where people live, reducing distribution expense and environmental impact.”

– Marilyn Denis
What people have to
say about the AEVA
Our Company

Learn more about how Just Vertical started and about the driving force behind our company.

Our Vision

The ability to grow food promotes resilience in cities and communities. With the AEVA, we set out to address pressing global issues like sustainability and food insecurity, for the prospect of a better future. This cost-effective hydroponic garden system offers people anywhere in the world greater access to healthy food, with the added benefit of decreasing their carbon footprint.

Our Mission

At Just Vertical, our mission is to empower people to be part of the solution in saving our planet, while reaping the benefits with fresh food.

112,554,321 miles

Food miles saved since launching Just Vertical

2,337,385 liters

Liters of water saved since launching Just Vertical

24,096 lbs

Local produce grown (lbs) since launching Just Vertical

Meet Our Team
Conner Tidd - MSc. B.A Co-founder
Kevin Jakiela - MSc. BSc. Co-founder
Patrick Ladly-Fredeen

Operations and Sales Lead

Nelsen Elsholtz

Content Marketing Manager

Akinsola Salami

Product Development

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