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Garden Without Having A Garden

Grow your own produce and create an urban oasis with our indoor gardens. Grow fresh herbs and veggies in any home and cut down on your carbon footprint. Perfect for city living, our gardens fit any space.

Grow In Any Space, Year-Round

Grow your own food at home, year-round in any home. Don’t have outdoor gardening space or do you live in a condo, apartment, or small home? No worries. Grow in any location with a garden that pays for itself through our Produce Payback Promise™.

Grow In Any Space

Our gardens are built for homes where space is limited.

Garden For Good

Stretch your green-thumb. Help the planet by eating local produce

Green Your Home

Turn any part of your home into a living, breathing work of art.

Our Solution



Starting as low as $55/month with affirm learn more

The garden for every home and every space.

   Built-In Light


  12 Plant Sites

   Easy To Move

  Leafy Greens


   No Soil

   Real Wood

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Our Solution



Starting as low as $106/month with affirm learn more

The statement garden built for the whole family.

   Built-In Light


  16 Plant Sites


  Leafy Greens


   No Soil

   Real Wood

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Lettuce Romaine Friends

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Gardens That Pay For Themselves

Introducing Our Produce Payback Promise

Who said money doesn’t grow on trees? Stop paying too much for produce at the grocery store. Grow your garden investment back in a year. That’s right. We’ll give you all the supplies you need to grow $700 or $1200 worth of produce with every new garden - for free. Watch the video to learn more.
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Fresh Produce, Year-Round

Wether your a seasoned grower, or an aspiring green-thumb, the AEVA & EVE are perfect for you to grow year-round. Get all the environmental, health, and culinary benefits of growing and eating fresh food all year.

Pesticide-Free Produce

Know where your food comes from. Control what goes in into your body.

Be Food Independent

Rely on yourself when it comes to your food decisions. Harvest at your own speed.

Reduce Food Waste

Stop throwing away wasted food. Pick and eat what you need, when you need it.

Just Vertical: An Introduction

Welcome to the amazing world of indoor growing and urban agriculture with Just Vertical.


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