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Our Partnership

Just Vertical x Arcadia Earth

Welcome to Just Vertical - your gateway to effortless indoor farming. With a Just Vertical indoor farm, you can cultivate and grow fresh herbs, veggies, and leafy greens all year in any space. We've partnered with Arcadia Earth, a multi-sensory sustainability-focused exhibit in Toronto, to drive awareness in sustainability, green agriculture, and indoor farming.

So who are we? And why are our indoor farms amazing for you and the planet?

Grow All Year

With a Just Vertical indoor farm you can grow fresh herbs, leafy greens, and veggies throughout the entire year.

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Rescue Our Planet

Our gardens help mother nature by reducing food travel miles, water use, food waste, and plastic packaging.

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Save Money

Our gardens eliminate the need to go to the grocery store for fresh produce and let you decide on what you want to grow and eat.

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What Are The Details Of The Giveaway?

We are giving away 4 (four) free tickets at the end of January to one lucky winner to visit the Arcadia Earth exhibit in Toronto. The total value of the giveaway is $120.

Just Vertical will draw the winner and reach out to them at the conclusion of January, so make sure you stay subscribed to Just Vertical communications.

Who Is Just Vertical?

We thought you'd never ask.

Just Vertical is a leading innovator in sustainable indoor gardening solutions, committed to creating a greener future by making indoor farming accessible and educational in homes across North America.

You can learn more about us by clicking here.

Who Is Arcadia Earth?

Arcadia Earth is a multi-sensory journey that combines creative art installations and exciting technology to inspire visitors to take action towards a more sustainable future.

The immersive experience showcases the beauty of our planet and the impact of human actions on the environment.

The goal is to inspire visitors to be part of the solution for creating a better world.

You can learn more about Arcadia Earth by clicking here.

Why Is This Partnership Amazing?

The collaboration between Just Vertical and Arcadia Earth represents a remarkable convergence of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Just Vertical, with its innovative approach to vertical farming, exemplifies cutting-edge technology in urban agriculture, promoting efficient use of space and resources to grow fresh, local produce. This pairs seamlessly with Arcadia Earth's commitment to immersive environmental art, which educates and inspires visitors about the beauty and fragility of our planet.

The giveaway of four tickets to the Arcadia Earth exhibit is not just a chance to witness breathtaking art; it's an invitation to engage with a vivid, sensory experience that raises awareness about environmental issues.

This collaboration is a brilliant fusion of technology, art, and ecology, underscoring the importance of sustainable living and offering an enriching experience that resonates long after the visit.

It's a partnership that doesn't just show what is possible when innovation meets art—it actively inspires change and fosters a deeper connection with our environment.

How Can You Learn More?

You can learn more about Just Vertical by clicking here.

You can learn more about Arcadia Earth by clicking here.


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