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An Indoor Garden - The Sustainable Gift That Keeps On Giving

Whether it’s a treat for yourself, or the perfect present for someone special in your life, a Just Vertical Indoor Garden is the ideal sustainability-focused holidays gift. Wondering why? Read on!

Our Indoor Gardens Are The Gifts That Keep Giving

Earlier in the year we introduced our Produce Payback Promise. We launched the initiative with the intention to alleviate pressure from inflation on purchasing fresh produce at the grocery store.

We believe access to fresh, flavourful produce is a right, not a privilege. With our Produce Payback Promise, we provide you all the seeds and supplies you need to grow back your garden investment ($700 or $1200) in 12 months. When you get a new garden, we include all the seeds, nutrients, and peat moss plugs you need to grow.

Consider it the year-round gift of healthy, sustainable food.

You Can Help Fight Climate Change & Food Insecurity

Did you know in Canada alone we generate approximately 26 million tonnes of waste each year? Or that 1 in 5 people around the globe faces persistent problems with water scarcity (a problem only increasing due to unpredictable and changing climates)? Here’s another one for you: more than half of households within on-reserve First Nations experience food insecurity.

The impact of climate change and food insecurity on our society is substantial. With an indoor garden, you take back your food sovereignty, producing your own fresh produce and reducing your reliance on traditional forms of agriculture for your food.

Our gardens use 95% less water than traditional agriculture to grow a standard head of lettuce and the energy operating cost of one of our gardens is around $3.00 CAD a month.

You’ll Never Cook BETTER Food In Your Life

For this reason, you’re just going to have to trust us. Nothing tastes better than fresh, home-grown produce. With a Just Vertical garden, you grow fresh herbs, veg, and leafy greens that you can literally pick and place straight into your cooking. We like to call it ‘kitchen to table’.

Looking for some inspiration for the amazing meals to cook with your new indoor garden? Look no further than this amazing list of plant-based recipes we put together for our growers earlier this year.

It Looks Amazing

One of the biggest reasons folks grow with Just Vertical is that our gardens look phenomenal. We’ve placed great design at the center of everything we do. We understand the importance of colours, decor, and surroundings in impacting your overall sense of wellbeing. We understand the importance of meeting your design standards when it comes to your decor and furnishings.

Our gardens are designed to stand out. Bring the outdoors inside with the AEVA & EVE and turn your space in a living, breathing, productive work of art.

Keep The Growing Going

Not convinced that a Just Vertical garden is the perfect gift for you, a family member, or a close friend? Learn more about our the AEVA and EVE at their individual pages, or schedule time with an indoor gardening consultant to learn more how our gardens can make a difference in your life.


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